How Buyer Personas Help You Make Better Videos


Have you ever created a great video, and after the fact realize it doesn’t quite resonate with your audience?

If so, you’re not the only one. The simple reason is the very first step of brainstorming for the perfect video starts with building a buyers persona

To solve this problem, you need to look further than a great video script, fun animation techniques, video length, and other characteristics. Buyer persona and market research will give you straightforward guidelines on how to tackle this task successfully.

What’s a buyer persona?

Establish the ideal customer for your brand and the product you offer. Who is your target market? By writing down this semi-fictional representation of your ideal customers, you can start understanding who they are, what are their interests, their pain points, and their needs. Once you gather all the pieces of the puzzle, you will see how easy it to cater your content towards them.

Building a buyers persona will help you define your content goals

Take a look at the following section to understand how creating buyer personas will guide you to create video content that resonates with your audience.

Where do customers spend their time?

Ever notice how Google analyzes your browsing history and sends you targeted ads? Well, as a video marketer, you have to play the role of Google.

Using analytics tools and effective tracking, you can find out how your average customer spends their time. With tracking tools, you can get answers to the following questions:

  •   With whom do they engage with?
  •   On which social networks are they most active on?
  •   How often do they share content with family and friends?
  •   Which websites do they visit?

By collecting all this valuable information, you will know how to target them and where you should concentrate your efforts on. For example, if the buyer persona is most active on Linkedin, this will be the platform where you should launch your campaign.

If you go even deeper, you can pinpoint the exact search queries and use them as keywords within video captions. This is a guarantee that your videos will resonate with customers.

Fine-tuning your video style

Fine tune your video style and tone to your buyer persona

Having a detailed buyer persona helps marketers understand how to speak to their audience, what textual and visual language to choose, and which pain points resonate the most. If your buyer persona is a young college student, aged 18-25, you can afford to use slang terms and modern expressions.

On the other hand, if your buyer persona fits the description of a Fortune 500 CEO, your style and tone must be more formal.

A buyer persona is the best way to regulate your video narration tone, as well as other details such as animation speed.

Why should you rely on buyer personas?

They bring consistency and allow you to have a large margin of error. With the right tone, your videos will be memorable and resonate with anyone who has seen them.

Adding a personal touch

There are many elements to a buyer persona. If you want your videos to be more personal, it’s time to make use of demographic data.

For example, if your audience is centered around a certain region (let’s say, Los Angeles, California), you can feature visual landscapes of the California coast in order to help them identify with your content. Find out the industry they work in, analyze the most common problems and address them.

By using the demographic part of your buyer persona, you open up even more doors for customization.

Another example, if you will:

Your buyer persona is a young man that works in the digital marketing industry. Why not customize your videos by asking leaders in their industry to appear in them?

The more detailed your buyer persona is, the more fuel you have for your creative actions.

Increasing shareability

Creating relevant content to your buyer persona will increase sharebility

Perhaps the most enticing part of buyer persona use is effectiveness. When a video resonates with a viewer, what is their first move?

To share it, of course. People love to spread the word about the content they like. This gives them a sense of pride, as they’re playing the role of “frontrunner.”

Implementing buyer personas makes your videos more shareable. If you create relatable videos, there is a high chance that they will go viral. And this is without you having to do a single thing. Enticing, isn’t it?

Going above trends and fads

To make better videos, you can’t rely on temporary trends. Brands that base their videos on a passing fad often end up struggling once the trend itself fades away.

Buyer personas allow you to base your video content strategy around the customer’s personality. While trends may affect their judgment, their core values stay the same.

This is where you come in.

With a cleverly designed series of videos, you can reduce your workload. Too many brands spend too much time and energy on following trends and utilizing them.

The power of buyer personas relates to the human mind, not the people’s perception of a certain event, trend or product.

Picking the right timing

All of the aforementioned benefits are in vain if you don’t pick the right timing. Developing a buyer persona helps you solve this conundrum.

By knowing when your customers are online, you can effectively schedule your videos for weeks to come. With a consistent schedule, you can use the extra energy to create even better videos and expand your brand.

Originally published on May 23rd, 2019, updated on June 4th, 2019
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How Buyer Personas Help You Make Better Videos

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