How Multimedia Protection Can Become Your Marketing Advantage

All marketers want to be able to protect their video content at the highest level. Videos are business assets and a lot of time, money and energy go into their production. Cincopa is the ultimate multimedia hosting platform that allows you both to protect your content at the highest level and to convert media security into marketing success. There are many ways to make sure your videos are protected, depending upon the objectives you want to achieve.

Domain Control

If a video showcases a product, you may think that the more people who see it, the better. In fact, you don’t want high view counts if it does not translate into more revenue for you. It’s better for your videos to be seen by targeted people who have some interest in your product or another like it. If you can get video results in search engines, it means the right people see them at a time when they are already considering purchasing.

When someone clicks on your video, you want this targeted audience to go straight to your product page. If you don’t secure your video, it could end up driving traffic to other websites. If someone else embeds your video, they take your traffic and conversions. This is where domain lock comes in. It keeps your content working for you alone, and you embed code can’t be used anywhere other than on your site.

Password protection

Most video hosting platforms allow you to protect content with a password. You add a password to control who watches your content and only authorized individuals or groups can view it. In some cases, such as with online courses, students would have to pay before they were granted access.

Add a video watermark or logo

Another way to protect intellectual property is to add a branded watermark or logo to your video. This will ensure that no-one else can pass off your content as theirs.

IP Address Restriction

This is a way to restrict access to a video based on a geographic location. Most IP addresses are limited to a specific network, and you can make sure that people seeing your videos are watching them onsite at your location. This is an excellent way to ensure that internal training videos are not leaked outside of a college or company campus.

Make videos available for only a short time

Some video hosting platforms allow you to upload and time release videos. You can choose a time frame within which to make a private video public, after which the embed code expires and it’s no longer available.

Encrypted Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMPE)

More advanced video hosting platforms offer RTMPE. Video content is broken up into pieces to be delivered and only play if a specific piece is required. RTMPE is an advanced option, but it protects in that it makes it nearly impossible to steal the full video.

Single Sign-On

SSO or Single Sign-On is a method for creating an internal video content hub. It can be used for internal communications, training content and more. With SSO, employees log in to a secure video portal using their pre-existing credentials. Two different user systems speak to each other and allow the same users access to various applications by using a single set of credentials.

Private Sharing

Cincopa accounts are not crawled by search engines and can be made entirely private and password-protected. It has introduced Private Sharing to restrict access to videos further and offer a way for you to add viewers or collaborators to specific projects and give them access. All you need to do to access Private Sharing is to choose Privacy and Sharing from under the Project Actions drop-down menu. This option enables you to invite users via email addresses to interact with your content.

Media content protection is a must-have when you want to keep your intellectual property safe, but it also plays an essential role in marketing. There are multiple options available to restrict unauthorized access. All these features can be used to protect your intellectual property and make sure it brings you and you alone success.

Right-click protection

Right-click protection is one of the most effective methods to protect multimedia from unwanted downloads. This option both blocks downloading on right mouse click and restricts accessing the file’s original source code (protects all media formats). Right-click protection is effective on any website where your media is embedded. Cincopa lets you add a custom text and link shown on right mouse click – that works great to direct users from wherever they watch videos or photos to your website.

How to activate: right-click protection is disabled by default on all Cincopa galleries. To enable it, go to the ‘Misc’ tab in the gallery editor and switch the button position from ‘OFF’ to ‘ON’.

Media content protection is a must-have when you want to keep your intellectual property safe, but it also plays an important role in marketing. There are multiple options available to restrict unauthorized access to your multimedia files, such as domain lock, password protection, branding, and right-click protection. At the same time, all these features can be used to increase your marketing strength and monetize your content.  Cincopa turns secure multimedia content into your major marketing advantage.

Originally published on January 5th, 2017, updated on April 30th, 2019
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How Multimedia Protection Can Become Your Marketing Advantage

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