Protect Your Media Content From Copyright Violation

The most popular method used to prevent website content from copyright violation is called Right-Click Protection. Not only does it help to secure media assets from right-clicking, but it also encrypts their original source code, thus making it much harder for most website users to download and copy anything you don’t want them to. This method is helpful to protect multiple data formats, including images, videos and audios.

We are excited to launch our Right-Click protection feature for your online galleries created with Cincopa.

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How to set up Right-Click Protection in just one click

You don’t have to be a coding ninja if you want to protect photos or any other media files published on your website. Cincopa fully takes care of it. Cincopa’s web galleries come with advanced right-click protection which can be turned on and off with just a single mouse click. So, there’s no need to seek for additional right-click protection plugins or to hand-code them on your own. Use Cincopa as a one-stop solution for hosting, managing and protecting your photo, video and audio content.


Here’s a quick guide on how to use right-click protection feature in your Cincopa gallery:

  1. Log in to Cincopa account and go to your galleries list. Or create a new gallery (if you don’t have a Cincopa account, you’ll be able to create one instantly).
  2. Click on Edit gallery settings.
  3. In Edit mode, navigate to Misc menu (it can be found in the left sidebar).
  4. Right-click protection is turned OFF by default for all photos, slideshows, audio galleries except videos. You can turn it ON by simply clicking on the switcher.
  5. Here you go!

Optionally, you can set the Right Click Text to be displayed when someone right-clicks on one of the gallery assets. It is also possible to specify the Right Click Link (a specific URL users are redirected to after clicking on the Right Click Text).

With Cincopa’s Right-Click Protection, you’ll never have to worry about content security – all the files you publish from our easy-to-use web galleries will be safe. At the same time, your visitors will be able to enjoy the full spectrum of your images, videos, and audios along with handy gallery navigation that ensures great user experience.

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