How Private Video Hosting Will Boost Your Monetization

You’ve probably heard and experienced YouTube, the largest video hosting platform on the planet.

YouTube is great for SEO, visibility, and brand awareness – however, this free video hosting platform comes at a price. As a business, YouTube might not work best for you. The platform is more of a social video posting platform.

It can work great as part of a marketing campaign, but not as a place to store your videos for business purposes. For that, you’re going to need another platform like Cincopa.

Private video hosting is the best solution for your business, especially in boosting your monetization. Here’s why:


  1. Create your own private YouTube channel

Create you private video channel with Cincopa

With private video hosting, you’re in control of every aspect of your channel. You can, in all meaning of the word, create your own branded video channel.


“As a business, you can make a private and secured branded video channel for every department in your company and have them all on one platform.”


You can have a video channel for your employees, displaying your company guidelines, a video for the sales team, even training videos for new recruits. The best part is that you can password protect these videos so that outside viewers can’t see them without your permission.

You can also have a separate channel for your viewers. One benefit that you get from custom video solutions is that you’re bringing viewers/visitors to your site.  Your videos are not benefiting another company but yours.

For instance, on YouTube, when people share content from your channel. The link equity that comes from that stays within the platform.

As the video creator, you benefit only slightly or not at all.

This is not the case when using private video hosting. People land on your site and share from your website.


“With this, your business stands to gain as the exposure means return visitors come directly to the source (your website) and not a third party (YouTube). Besides, you also get access to quite some great statistics/analytics (depending on the provider you use).”


The data provided by a custom hosting solution can help you build a better channel. By using private video hosting platforms, you can get better insights into your viewers.

This information, when used in the right manner, can help you make the right strategic decisions that can increase your revenue.

  1. Customize your videos exactly the way you want

Customize your HTLM4 video player with cincopa

When using social video platforms like YouTube and Facebook, you have no control/customization options.

You can’t change your videos too much (once uploaded) and you’re stuck with the custom video player that the platform offers.

This is not the case with most private video hosting platforms. Many of them give you the ability to customize your video as you see fit.

Besides, you also have more customization options for the video players you use as well. You can change the colors on the player to make it more in line with your branding guidelines.

You also have access to the video controls of the player. You can make it so that your viewers can autoloop, skip certain sections of the video and adjust the volume/size of the video.

You can also decide whether your video should have share/embed options. The customization doesn’t end there. You can also change the thumbnail. Many business people don’t pay attention to the thumbnail, but it does make a difference.

It’s part of the pull for the viewer. It plays a similar role to the Meta title and description on search engines. A properly optimized thumbnail can help increase clicks and conversions for your videos.

With all that said, many private video hosting platforms give you full control of the thumbnail.

Some platforms also offer A/B testing specifically for the thumbnail. You can try different thumbnails and see what works best for your audience.  The choice of what to use as a Thumbnail is fully up to you.

You can use a frame from the video as a thumbnail or just simply make a custom design and insert it, you decide!

  1. Have a digital place for your videos all in one place

your private channel with all your video content in one place

The one thing we love about private video hosting is that everything is in one place when compared to a social platform like YouTube.

Custom hosting solutions provide you with plenty of features and benefits on one platform.

You can set up a multi-channel marketing campaign, optimize for SEO and much more on a single platform. In recent times, Google has started paying more attention to videos in its search results.

It’s more important now than ever to properly optimize your videos to rank high in the SERPs. Many of these custom hosting solutions understand that.

When using these platforms, you’ll find plenty of SEO tools and settings to help set up the metadata and more for your video. Some platforms even make it easy to update your website’s sitemap for indexing purposes.

When it comes to setting up a multi-channel marketing campaign for your video, private video hosting is the best solution.


“You can integrate different aspects of marketing on a private video hosting platform. Most of the popular platforms offer tools that can allow you to integrate email marketing on your channel.”


For instance, Cincopa allows you to embed your videos into your email newsletter.

Not only that, but you can also choose the destination they go to when they click on the newsletter. It could take them to your site with the video or any other link (destination site) that you set.

Some other features that can be added include a clickable call to action and lead capture forms. Both can be placed at any point in the video.

  1. Include customized vast ads for your audience

Most video hosting platforms don’t offer compulsory ads with your video like YouTube.

YouTube is known for advertisements. The platform has pre-roll ads and in video ads that play as a user watches a video.

This wouldn’t be a problem except that you don’t get to choose the ads that show on your video. You could have a competitor or quite an inappropriate ad showing on your video as a prospective client is watching. Not good!

With private video hosting, the choice is yours. There are no compulsory ads.

You can choose to not have ads completely with all your videos.

Doing that wouldn’t be good for your monetization. What you can do instead is place ads, but control what ads you place. Many private video hosting platforms allow for the inclusion of ads in videos. On top of that, some platforms allow you to set up a subscription plan for your viewers.

You have full control over your videos, so pick the ads that align best with business values.



Private video hosting is the way to go, especially if you’re a business. You get full control over your channel and videos.

You get to place ads that match your business values and ideals. On top of that, you get deep insights and analytics that can help shape your business strategies.

One more thing to add is support. With private video hosting, you get professional support. You’ll notice the need for support when you encounter errors/issues.

With support, you get to host your videos effortlessly with no headaches. The same can’t be said for platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

Originally published on June 13th, 2023, updated on September 12th, 2023
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How Private Video Hosting Will Boost Your Monetization

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