How to Get More Media Content for Your Website

In the ever-changing cosmos of SEO and website quality enhancement, there are many things you have to pay attention to. As the most important ones, most experts cite the quality of content and the quantity of content.
If something is both characterized by excellence and in abundance, does it mean it’s perfect? Not at all, every single facet of your content might be in vain if you don’t follow the third dogmatic rule of a quality website – content diversity, or as we like to call it – media.

An incessant need for new content may leave site owners and marketers desperate to turn anything into the material. Such acts of urgency and desperation may go the website full of underwhelming content that is abundant, but low quality. Thus, your visitor numbers may plummet, and your ROI will suffer. The key has an inexhaustible modus operandi that turns things around you into quality content. This is why we’ve decided to explore some ways to find and add all kinds of different media to your website, Whether it be video content, an image gallery or a podcasting service, you will be able to find many resources to cause excitement in the hearts of your customers. Let’s get to the nitty-gritty.


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The significance of media diversity

When talking about media diversity, many skeptics use the so-called “severity argument” to be able to counter your claims. “If you add too many media to your website, it might seem less serious!”.
This argument may have been able to hold water in 1950, But n this day and age, it’s not enough to provide, you should also think about enticing your customers and “reel them in” to the core of your content. Why is this case? What has changed?

For starters, it’s a well-known fact that the average reader has less patience and less time to analyze something in-depth. That person knows that his or her time is limited and only chooses to give a chance to the beguiling content they see. This is because of a few reasons:

  • There is much more content than ever before, making it impossible for a reader to focus on everything
  • There are much more scams online and untrustworthy websites – this makes people only view content that they think is 100% legit
  • People don’t have time to do research; they are willing to give their money just to direct and undeviating websites

Guy is bored from website content

All this leads us to the conclusion – website dullness can be your tombstone. A variety of content will make your message more direct and enticing. Because of this, you need to abandon the basic text posts and focus on media diversity. Let’s take a look at a few of the most prominent ways to get a hold of fresh content that is both SEO-friendly and soothing to your visitors’ eyes.

Recycling – the basis of all content creation

Before we head on to the more intricate parts of content creation, we have to cover the very foundation. Your website surely has a timeline, and there is a lot of different content during that linear disposition. When new visitors stumble upon your website and get to know the content, they may be amazed by the latest posts – but they will miss out on older ones. This is why you can capitalize on that notion and introduce the feeling of novelty to new content. How will you accomplish this?
Here are a few ideas.

  • Let’s say you had an HTML slideshow posted six months before. Why not turn than the same slideshow into a single infographic? That way, you won’t have to think of any particular innovations, and you’ll entice your newest visitors into becoming regular customers. Informative posts are always welcome.
  • Remember that old informative text post that you had around a year ago? Why not bring a fellow marketer or another blog-owner and turn that text post into a podcast episode? Doing that will reduce the need for additional brainstorming, plus you will get extra SEO points by collaborating and external linking.
  • Text posts are always welcome, but an overabundance of them leads to a clogged homepage. We don’t want that, do we? Of course not. Thus, you can take, let’s say, five of your favorite text posts, take some of the most important quotes and turn them into a text-image amalgamation.
  • If you have an extra set of ideas for a podcast episode, but you’ve already posted one according to your schedule, there is an excellent alternative. You can always bring the desired interlocutor to your office or any space and live to stream your discussion. It will be the same as an episode but will completely change the landscape of your website.

User-generated content

Having users create content for you is an excellent way of establishing connections with them, all while getting the media content you need. It’s an incredibly motivating thing to do, as people will believe that you are about them and view your website as something that belongs to the fans as well, not just you. There are several ways to pull this off:

  • Contests – By having contests on a particular subject or task, you will motivate your readers to create something new. This will both make them ecstatic, as they have the option of getting a prize for their efforts and you will get free content to post. Even the entries that don’t win one of the first three places can be used later on. Make sure you credit the creator.
  • Reposting – If you’re the owner of a brand, make sure you follow social media and hashtags concerning your brand. By posting pictures or reviews of your products, people will be giving you a free commercial. And there is no better advertisement than a happy customer. Why not flex that good review or a good photo on your website?
  • Part-time work contracts – It’s always a good idea to post ads looking for people that are willing to cooperate with you on one-time gigs. That way, you will both save money and engage your community during the development of your website. It can also be in the form of a contest.

Some other useful ideas

Instagram is always an excellent option. You can make even the dullest photo into a work of art, just by using a simple filter. Also, people will view you as a bit more artistic and connect your brand with a new kind of aesthetic.

artistic media branding with hipster model

YouTube is also a good option, as the biggest video hosting service globally. This means that it’s a fertile ground for finding content by other people, all while related to your brand and line of work. Promoting their work might be the beginning of a new business relationship. Connections are always essential and welcome.

Pinterest can also be handy. By creating a custom board for your fans and followers, you will see the content they create and will be able to reap the benefits of their creativity and use it for marketing purposes. Promoting them and crediting them will also motivate them to create more content, giving you a tremendous influx of customer loyalty and media content.


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Originally published on April 12th, 2018, updated on April 25th, 2019
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How to Get More Media Content for Your Website

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