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Cincopa Smart HubSpot Video Forms

Discover how using Cincopa with Hubspot's smart forms can transform the way your collecting leads with video.

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Since releasing the integration in March 2018 we received incredible support and useful feedback from users and inbound agencies.

We’ve shown them how powerful video and marketing automation can be, and that’s why we’re excited to announce that our integration with HubSpot just got even better – with HubSpot Forms.

You now have the ability to capture more lead information on your video. But with a Cincopa twist – The forms are smart (and progressive).

With our journey to democratize and wide-spread video marketing automation among well… Everyone, even smaller clients, We recently got a “gift” from HubSpot who announced in their April 2018 newsletter, that HubSpot forms are now available to everyone. Meaning that Free HubSpot accounts will also be able to enjoy Cincopa’s HubSpot video forms.  Woo-hoo!! 😎 


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HubSpot forms on your gated videos

With Cincopa’s video integration, You’ve always been able to capture leads into HubSpot using our Cincopa lead generation. Now you can add native HubSpot forms into your videos to generate leads and enrich existing lead data using video.
Use HubSpot’s built-in fields or build custom fields in HubSpot Forms and ask profound questions like “Whats your favorite color?”.

“Now you can add native HubSpot forms into your videos to generate leads and enrich existing leads data using video.”

Whats unique about Cincopa’s HubSpot forms?

Our HubSpot native video forms have smart capabilities.
You can now assign the same form to all your online videos and if any of the prospect’s information fields already exist within HubSpot contact (e.g. email, phone, company name etc…),
He will only be asked for the missing fields. and if he has everything filled out, The form won’t appear at all.
Feature Side Effect: Video Marketing automation just got simpler – Less strategic thinking and pre-planning is required to get started, generate leads and enrich contact information with your existing video content.

Watch the above video for more information about using HubSpot’s progressive fields.

HubSpot Form Cincopa


Oh, and we made our HubSpot timeline Heatmap more friendly

We’ve added our “times viewed” color index to the HubSpot Heatmaps so your team can better tell where a prospect re-watched and rewind your video on a single viewing session.

Cincopa Heatmap Color Index for HubSpot Integration

Cincopa HubSpot Video Heatmap


Our Team is ready to tell you about all our features and show you how to turn your visitors into customers using video and marketing automation.


Cincopa for HubSpot Video Integration

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Originally published on April 18th, 2018, updated on July 23rd, 2019
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Cincopa Smart HubSpot Video Forms

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