5 Reasons Why Videos Are the Future of Content Marketing

Video content has become one of the most powerful ways to engage consumers in a brand and create meaningful relationships with them. Videos are an excellent way to raise brand awareness and generate more quality leads since they enable you to effectively communicate your brand message and showcase your value proposition. Given the fact that they are rapidly growing in popularity and that they don’t seem to be going away anytime soon, you should definitely jump on the bandwagon and join the ride.


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Why are videos so popular and, more importantly, so effective? It’s because they have the power to tap into people’s consciousness and reach them on a more emotional level than any piece of written text ever could. This is precisely why more and more brands are implementing videos into their content marketing strategies, as they realize the huge impact they can have on their organizations.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Just imagine how many stories you can tell in a video then. With that in mind, take a look at the top reasons why videos are the future of content marketing so that you can better understand why you need them in your marketing strategy.

Great Performance across All Devices

You certainly know how responsive design is important nowadays, as it improves user experience for mobile users, who represent the majority of people browsing the Web. If your website is not responsive, that is, doesn’t automatically adjust to screen sizes and resolutions of mobile devices, you lose a lot of opportunities for business growth and more revenue.

With videos, you don’t have to worry about your consumers having trouble accessing your content. Videos perform great on all devices, from computers to tablets and mobile phones, so they are extremely user-friendly. Therefore, by implementing videos into your content marketing strategy, you can significantly extend your reach and spread the word about your business. You can effectively communicate the message of your brand across the world since you will lose neither traffic nor conversions.

Better Viral Potential

How many videos have you watched that have gone viral and engaged people from all around the world? And how many written pieces of content have done the same? You have your answer right there – videos have a much greater potential of going viral than any other type of content.

According to one recent report, 92% of mobile video viewers share videos on social media. Another report shows that videos are shared 1200% more than links and text combined. These are really staggering numbers that show the huge power of video content and why everyone should be using it to its full potential. These numbers prove that videos are growing in popularity at a very fast pace and that, by embracing them, you can make your brand known to the entire world.

Video & SEO

Video content can considerably improve your SEO ranking, which is yet another reason for creating videos for promoting your products or services. Since there is a high demand for videos these days and people prefer watching them to reading texts, Google and other search engines have started to favor video content as well. Therefore, if you have videos on your website, search engines will direct more people to it, helping you generate more leads and conversions.

If you provide quality and relevant videos on your website, search engines will recognize it and improve your SEO ranking. With higher SEO ranking comes increased website traffic and, with it, much higher chances of generating more revenue and ROI.

Boosting Brand Recognition

People remember visual content much better because the brain processes visuals 60000 times faster than text. Although this goes for both images and videos, you can certainly understand how powerful videos can be. We remember much more of what we watch than of what we read so, when people watch a video about your brand, they will ultimately remember your brand.

Therefore, video content is excellent for boosting your brand recognition but, in order to make your videos truly memorable, you need to make sure that they are interesting and unique. They need to tell a unique story of your brand and they need to be completely aligned with your brand strategy. They need to be consistent with your brand so that people can instantly recognize your brand’s voice and style and engage in your story.

Better Engagement

Since videos have the power of reaching people on an emotional level, they can engage them in ways that no other type of content ever could. Given the statistics mentioned above, people instantly immerse in videos that they like, so the key is to provide them with something interesting, informative and relevant to them and you will definitely manage to engage them in your brand.

Videos are easy to digest and, when you provide your target audience with video content that really resonates with them and not only grabs their attention but also keeps them engaged, you will manage to turn them into loyal customers who will always look forward to your new stuff. They will come back time and time again to do business with you since they will know that you will provide them with exactly what they want and need.

What’s more, sharing engaging videos will turn your customers into your brand ambassadors, since they will share your videos with their friends and followers on social media, and numerous social media shares will result in more traffic and conversions.

These are the most crucial reasons why you should start implementing videos into your content marketing strategy, so you should seriously get on it as soon as possible. Videos truly are the future, and that future is here, so embrace it and start telling amazing stories about your brand that will completely resonate with your target audience and engage them on a whole new level. If you need help with improving your content and growing your online presence, make sure you check out Firstsiteguide.com, as there are a number of great free tutorials, guides, and resources to help you step up your game.


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Originally published on November 16th, 2017, updated on April 28th, 2019
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5 Reasons Why Videos Are the Future of Content Marketing

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