How to Make Your Video More Engaging? Use Heatmaps

Free video marketing solutions offer very little in the ways of analytics.
YouTube shows you how many people watched your video (i.e. total view count), and the number of likes and dislikes.

Marketers need more than that.

That’s where video hosting platforms, such as Cincopa, really prove their weight in gold.


With in-depth analytics, such platforms introduce you to every member of your video viewing audience.
Additionally, you learn everything you’d need to know about the performance of a given video.


We have video heatmaps to thank for that.


Understand viewer engagement

Video heatmaps provide you with an aggregated view of how a given video is engaged with. You can see exactly how your audience is responding to your video. If there’s a major drop in viewership at a specific moment during a video, you’ll know it, immediately.

You can stop and see how many viewers a given moment within the video attracted. As the video nears the end, the number is likely to drop.


cincopa heatmaps


Improve viewer engagement

When you examine the heatmap, zero-in on where viewers seem to lose interest or where their interest spikes. If viewers fall off at a certain point, you should examine the content leading up to the drop off.


Are you droning on for too long about a specific point? Are you presenting complex information in a way that viewers may find off putting or overwhelming?


You’ll usually have two options:
You can either reformat the video so that the ‘lead-in’ to the drop-off is less off-putting or explore cutting it out, entirely.

Sections that were rewatched can mean one of two things:
Your audience was either fascinated by the content presented or that it is too complex and couldn’t be digested the first time.


Segment viewers according to video interaction

You may be able to segment your viewers according to their response to your video. Those who did not watch the whole video might benefit from receiving additional information. Others who watched the whole way through might want to watch more in-depth content. They are also probably more ready to purchase if presented with a special offer.

All this useful information can help you to edit your videos, tighten them up at points, refine your message, sharpen your hooks and make sure that viewers keep watching and coming back for more.


To learn more about audience segmentation and incorporating video viewing into your automated marketing initiatives, click here.



cincopa analytics


How to use video heatmaps

After logging into your Cincopa account, go straight to the Analytics tab, which can be found on the main menu. In the video analytics dashboard, you can see the entire list of your video assets within a selected time period. Click on a ‘See Heatmap’ as seen in the image above (with the red arrows).

After that, you’ll be redirected to a page representing a video heatmap along with detailed stats:
Average engagement, total video watch time, lifetime impressions and plays, play rate, dates of the first and the last plays and video duration. Below the video heatmap, you’ll see the feed of users who viewed the video. Click on an avatar to check detailed information about a specific user.


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Originally published on July 19th, 2016, updated on September 21st, 2020
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How to Make Your Video More Engaging? Use Heatmaps

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