Why Your Business Needs VAST Video Ads

There are so many ways video can add value for your business. Along with branding, attracting SEO traffic to your website, engaging users, and capturing leads, video ads unlock incredible opportunities to publishers in terms of content monetization and cross-promotion.

The Cincopa video platform offers you crucial options for your online marketing strategy and provides a way for you to turn your videos into a great income source.

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What is VAST?

The Video Ad Serving Template (VAST) offered by Cincopa allows you to specify where viewers see an ad, how long it should last, whether it can be skipped and more. There can be several variants of how to place a VAST ad in your video player. Pre-roll ads are displayed before the video, usually lasting 10-30 seconds. Mid-roll ads are shown in the middle of the video, and post-roll ads are placed at the end of the video. Most typically, an advertisement can optionally be skipped after a few seconds.

Using VAST ads to monetize your video

As a video owner, you can use VAST feature with Cincopa’s video player to publish custom ads from third-party advertisers, set your pricing, and optimize placement. A VAST XML file specifies ad size, and it can contain video and graphical source files which will be shown in the player.

Cross-promote your content

Cincopa’s video player gives you full control over ads, so you can decide whether to feature third-party ads or your own ads with every specific video hosted in your Cincopa account.

Getting started with VAST ads

The VAST ads service is available as part of the Cincopa corporate plan. Once you’re all set, it takes only a few steps to get VAST ads up and running. In the gallery editor where you want to insert the ad, find the new “Advertising” tab. After expanding it, you’ll see the “VAST XML” feed where you’ll need to paste the link to an XML file with ad settings.

Tell your story with the

Power of Video

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Written by Liraz Axelrad
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