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HubSpot Media Playbook: Cincopa’s Integration with HubSpot 

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HubSpot Media Playbook: Cincopa’s Integration with HubSpot

Using HubSpot and Cincopa? Get the best of both worlds with our fantastic content integration that gives you the analytics you need to understand your audience, and create better content.

Video is likely to play more of a role than ever in 2024. Projections are that over three and half billion people will watch digital video content this year. Smartphones are the most-used devices for watching videos and videos dominate social media feeds. From product video marketing to retaining customers, video is enabling businesses to reach large audiences in an engaging way. Cincopa’s integration with HubSpot is a game-changer for businesses who want to optimize their multi-media strategies. 


Cincopa’s Integration with HubSpot

Cincopa is a multi-media hosting platform that offers great security and powerful analytics. HubSpot is a leading customer relationship management (CRM) company that provides an all-in-one, user-friendly marketing solution. 

A HubSpot playbook uses a collection of best practices, templates, and strategies to help businesses effectively optimize their marketing and sales efforts. Integration of Cincopa’s enterprise video hosting capabilities with HubSpot’s marketing and sales capabilities offers many advantages. 

  • Increases productivity: Integration with HubSpot can help marketing and sales teams automate repetitive tasks and achieve better collaboration. For example, using lead generation forms in videos allows them to capture leads and send them to the HubSpot CRM. 
  • Easy scoring of leads: Hubspot’s lead scoring allows marketing and sales teams to segment and prioritize their leads. They can then allocate their video resources strategically based on the likelihood of conversion. 
  • Use of powerful video analytics: Cincopa video heatmaps enable teams to understand how a contact interacts with video content. Viewing data that passes from the Cincopa video platform to the HubSpot CRM shows up as an event on the contact timeline.

A marketer’s best content tool

Marketers face certain challenges when it comes to collecting data relating to content. Without this data, they are in the dark and can’t get the insights they need to make improvements. They must integrate lead generation forms in their videos, collect leads, segment them, and use in-depth analytics to take full advantage of how viewers interact with their videos. If you want to learn more about video marketing strategies for 2024, check out our full guide.

Cincopa and HubSpot’s Best Features

Both Cincopa and HubSpot have very useful features for optimizing marketing and sales strategies. 

Streamlining and automation of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), marketing, sales, and customer service is an advantage of using HubSpot. Its easy-to-use workflows enable businesses to save time and effort. They can optimize email campaigns, segmenting contacts, and updating lead information. With enhanced audience segmentation, marketers can more easily target specific demographics, interests, and preferences. 

Advanced analytics is one of Cincopa’s best features. For example, its heatmaps allow users to see exactly who is watching what and when. They can see exactly when users drop off or re-watch videos, such as online course videos. With in-depth visual insights like this, it is easier to optimize video content. They may decide to make a video shorter, improve content that causes viewers to drop off, etc. 

Online educators can benefit from Cincopa for online education video which should have very little to no latency. Using the Cincopa video hosting platform ensures this. For example, it uses the latest caching technology for fast loading speeds and there aren’t any worries about transcoding as it does this automatically. 

HubSpot forms extend the basic lead generation forms on Cincopa. They can include any predefined or custom field in HubSpot contact attributes such as a company URL. Companies can apply a single HubSpot form to all the videos on their websites, starting with a basic email capture form. 

Video subscriptions are becoming an increasingly popular way for content creators to earn stable revenue. On Cincopa users can create a video channel and restrict access to viewers who pay a monthly or yearly fee. Monetized videos can also be pay-to-view videos with access to a single video or a video collection. Cincopa integrates with Stripe as a payment method for video subscriptions or pay-to-view videos. 

Video analytics and optimization

In-depth video analytics have a great impact on content strategy. Understanding viewer preferences and interests through observing their behavior enables businesses to make data-driven decisions. 

With access to in-depth audience analytics, businesses can leverage millions of interactions with the brand in a systematic way. They can use insights to deliver more personalized experiences. 

  • Knowing the most viewed products on a website can lead to promoting them at checkout or using them to target inactive customers. 
  • Knowing which customers abandon carts means teams can target them with email campaigns and push notifications. 
  • If teams can see that 75% of traffic comes from mobile devices, they will make sure to optimize video content for viewing on mobile.

Audience segmentation for more direct communication

Cincopa’s integration with HubSpot allows businesses to score and segment an audience. For example, they can segment them based on how they react to video content. 

Audience segmentation is critical when it comes to tailoring content and coming up with personalized marketing strategies. It’s the key to any successful marketing campaign. There are many ways to segment customers. 

  • Demographics: This involves grouping audiences by factors such as gender, age, education, and income. 
  • Geographics: This divides audiences based on the country, state city, or town they live in.  
  • Behavior: This is the process of segmenting customers based on how they react to products. For example, when they watch online courses do they watch to the end, drop off, re-watch some sections, or skip certain sections? 
  • Psychographics: The focus of this type of segmentation is on interests, values, attitudes, and personalities. 

When considering demographics like age and gender, a 21-year-old male living in New York is likely to want to watch completely different videos from a 60-year-old female living in Florida.

Perhaps a business wants to expand to another city. The marketing and sales team could create a new customer segment of people in that city and develop content for them. For example, a gym could create videos to attract residents of the city they want to target. McDonald’s changes its marketing messages and even its menu items depending on the country it’s operating in. 

New customers will behave differently from other ones. Segmenting them into a separate group enables marketing and sales teams to target them with content suited to the early stages of the purchasing journey. They require more nurturing than repeat buyers who are already loyal to the brand. With repeat buyers, marketing teams can go straight to the value proposition and include a strong CTA.  

Get started

For setting up Cincopa integration with HubSpot, users need to have both a Cincopa account and a HubSpot account. They need to sign up for a new Cincopa Account if necessary or log in to a current account. Once they have logged in, they can click on the profile icon in the top-right corner of the home page, select integrations, and follow the necessary steps. 


Cincopa is the leader in the image and video hosting industry and HubSpot is a leading CRM company that facilitates marketing and sales. Integrating Cincopa with HubSpot offers the best of both worlds. Marketing and sales teams can streamline their processes, segment their audiences, offer them personalized content, and access advanced analytics to see how content performs. 

Originally published on March 17th, 2024
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HubSpot Media Playbook: Cincopa’s Integration with HubSpot 

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