Introducing CincopaShare: Field Marketing and Outside Sales Made Easy

65% of outside account executives regularly attain quotas 10% higher than their inside sales counterparts, according to recent research.

These people drive sales in a major way and increasingly rely on remote solutions and technology to do so.

More specifically?

Mobile phones.


In order for field marketers and outside sales representatives to meet today’s technological challenges, they need to leverage some of today’s best mobile media solutions.



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CincopaShare makes offsite media capturing quick and secure

CincopaShare gives field marketers and outside sales representatives access to best-in-class media capture and sharing capability. The mobile app makes it easy to capture, organize, and communicate visual media in a secure way.


As an extension to an image and video hosting solution,
CincopaShare’s primary value-add is streamlining the process of collecting and distributing visual media. Users can take hundreds of images and videos and add them to their existing dynamic galleries.


There is no need to downsize videos into zip files or put images into a separate file storage app before sending them to customers. Everything a field representative needs to work with – image and video, is right there in the app; to browse through or to upload.


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Simplify media capture and sharing for off-site employees

Without a solution like CincopaShare in your arsenal, capturing and transmitting offsite media is a pain.

Sure, it’s easy enough for an outside sales representative to send one or two images by WhatsApp or DropBox. If a customer or business partner has a video they wish to share, you can find an easy one-off solution without too much trouble.


What happens when you have dozens of remote employees sending hundreds of images and videos each? How many employee-hours go into the process of capturing, categorizing, preparing, encrypting, sending, and decrypting all that information?


It doesn’t take much for your organization to end up in a wildly disorganized mess. Half of your offsite employees may send images on one platform, while the other half uses another. Security policies won’t be uniform between them either, which means you may expose yourself to exploits and data breaches.

It’s not a pretty picture.

Not having a streamlined mobile media hosting solution impacts your field marketers and sales representatives as well. Employees in the field need immediate solutions. When it comes to free messaging and hosting solutions, immediacy means compromise.


Your outside sales and field marketing employees won’t take the time to properly tag and secure your data. They can’t because they’re on the field, and need to respond to the next situation your customers or business partners present to them.


When outside sales team members and field marketers don’t have the appropriate solutions available, they have to dedicate valuable time and energy on tasks that aren’t their core competency. Unsurprisingly, that distracts them and leads to lost sales.

A mobile solution like CincopaShare helps businesses optimize field team tasks and maximize their impact. The more time your team members spend developing strategic relationships, the better!


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Use images and video to improve field marketing and outside sales results

Speed is everything when it comes to sales. The better-structured your sales pipeline is, the better you can leverage consumer interest and develop impactful strategic partnerships. The technology your sales representatives use is crucial.

Video plays a critical role in that regard.  A go-to weapon for sales reps, video is both immediate and easy to consume, catering to prospects’ contemporary sensibilities and enabling reps to increase their sales volumes.

Smart reps leverage personalized videos to develop strong relationships and build trust between partners and customers. They capture images and create video content that is readily shareable with the buyers they’ve spent so long guiding along the sales funnel.

This necessitates a more strategic approach towards documentation and logging (i.e. the non-glamorous side of sales).

57% of sales professionals spend between three and ten hours per week using CRM tools. A CRM-friendly video hosting solution lets field marketers and outside sales executives quickly capture and send media.

Essentially, these solutions empower sales reps to optimize their time; speeding up these processes frees up their day to focus on their highest-impact tasks.


Less time spent painstakingly organizing media files means more time spent interfacing with customers. Mobile, image, and video hosting platforms, specifically through complementary apps such as CincopaShare, can boost outside sales productivity significantly by helping professionals better manage their time and their media.



Help your sales reps smash quotes with CincopaShare!

Your field marketers and outside sales executives need to be able to capitalize on shareable, high-impact moments. Offsite employees have the unique ability to spontaneously respond to customers and business partners. With the right media hosting solution in place, you can quickly and securely turn these moments into high-performing digital marketing materials.

When executed correctly, this turns field marketing into an incredibly agile tool for direct communication. You can gather and act on data about your customers and business partners faster and more decisively when you can employ video and imagery to do the heavy lifting for you.


Originally published on November 24th, 2020, updated on January 11th, 2021
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Introducing CincopaShare: Field Marketing and Outside Sales Made Easy

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