7 Video Marketing Ideas Every Business Should Use in 2021

There’s no doubt that video is totally dominating the Internet. It’s estimated that by 2021 online video will account for 82% of global consumer traffic.

Video is everywhere: on social networks, websites, landing pages, e-commerce platforms, and even in email marketing campaigns. More and more people are giving preference to watching video instead of reading boring lines of text. Because by using video you can tell a lot more than with text in a short time frame, video is paramount for marketers and business owners these days.


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Focusing on this type of content allows you to be competitive on the market, improve your positioning, and grow your customer base. Look into these 8 video marketing ideas for business presented by Cincopa:

Video signature

An effective video signature adds interaction to email campaigns and makes your message look more personal. It can be of great help to any business professional, including marketers, client managers, recruiters, support specialists, etc. There’s nothing better to introduce yourself in email than a short and friendly video welcoming your reader. Video signature establishes a personal connection between a business and a client, which cannot be achieved with plain text. Such email personalization allows you to build trust with customers and make them more open-minded when communicating with you.

Video interview

If you are a business owner, HR specialist or recruiter and your goal is hiring new talents, then video interview is a must-have tool for you. This is the best format enabling you to assign interactive tests to job seekers and measure their ability to perceive information in the visual form. Plus, recording a video instead of writing text can save you precious time. Various video marketing tools like video annotations, subtitles, pop-up forms, and others, allow you to add as much information as you need, thus going beyond the capabilities of a standard video player.

Company introduction video

Presenting your company with video helps to create the most engaging experience for your online customers. You can share some behind-the-scenes, demonstrate your corporate culture, and prove that your business is open to people, which will definitely give you considerable advantages over your competitors. Such videos allow customers to see who you really are and how your business works.

Promotional video

Promotional videos are aimed at hooking potential customers, engaging them, and bringing them closer to doing business with you (or buying some of your products/services they might be interested in. In video marketing, promotional videos are used for lead generation or motivating people to visit your website/landing page with an appealing call-to-action. Easily focus their attention on the benefits that your products or services offered. Short promotional videos can also be displayed with longer videos as pre-roll or post-roll video ads.

Explainer video

Explainer videos are extremely useful to show how exactly your products or services work and how to solve problems with their help. Explainer videos will be a good fit for eCommerce and small-business websites, but they are also great for any custom type of business. You can shoot such videos with your own camera by demonstrating products/services in action and supplying the movie with necessary comments. Your customers will appreciate the ability to watch informative explainer videos and avoiding technical problems.

Video testimonials

Testimonials are essential for building trust with new customers. They’ll be much more likely to deal with you when they can see a video proving that you’re a reliable business partner. You can shoot a few videos with some of your happy clients telling about their experience of doing business with you. It’s not mandatory to use a professional camera, they can simply record a quick video with their web camera.

Webcam video

Webcam videos are great for any customer-facing business willing to keep their clients engaged. There can be numerous occasions when using webcam videos in marketing makes sense:

  • thank a customer for cooperation by sending a video message via email. messenger or social network;
  • create a personalized video offer for your potential client or partner;
  • facilitate your team workflow by assigning video tasks to employees;
  • record, publish and share webinars on the go;
  • if you’re operating in the real estate business, you can make property video tours and show them to clients at any location.

These are only some of the possible ideas to use video as a part of your marketing strategy. You can do much more with your laptop’s web camera, front camera in your smartphone / tablet, or by using professional video recording equipment. Cincopa is always helpful to keep your audience engaged, whichever video type you choose. Try our smart video tools like chapteringvideo speed controllerannotationslead generator, and advanced video analytics. Depending on the video context, they can be effective in helping you to achieve your desired business goals.


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Originally published on November 27th, 2020, updated on February 23rd, 2021
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7 Video Marketing Ideas Every Business Should Use in 2021

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