See What’s New in April! Cincopa Product Updates 2024

Discover What’s New at Cincopa: April 2024 Updates

Hey there, Cincopa creators! 🚀 April has been a month of fresh innovation and exhilarating upgrades as we continue our journey to empower your video and image journey. We’re super excited to share the latest additions that will take your content to new heights! So, buckle up and let’s dive into our April updates!

Multiple language options on cincotube

Breaking Language Barriers: Multiple Language Support [Access Upon Request] 

On our journey to make your content as accessible and far-reaching as possible, we’re thrilled to announce the release of Multiple Language Support for CincoTube, our stellar all-in-one video platform. Multiple language support allows your users to search your CincoTube in their language, making it more user friendly, and expanding your reach worldwide.

This exciting new feature is great for marketers who want to produce and distribute marketing materials in regions where more than one language is required, think countries with second languages like Canada (English and French). It’s also great for video producers and eLearning providers who want optimal viewership, multiple language support makes your videos accessible to audiences everywhere, allowing them to choose what language they want to browse in.  If you work in a global company, this feature is helpful for learning and development within your company allowing you to deliver training content in multiple languages, ensuring every employee training is consistent and comprehensible.

Ready to try it out? Request Access Here

What’s New?

    • CincoTube Site Localization: Your viewers can now choose the language in which they want to view your CincoTube site in. Available for Plus, Corporate and Enterprise accounts upon request.
    • Video Metadata: Your video metadata including titles, descriptions, and notes can be translated into multiple languages. Available for Plus, Corporate, and Enterprise accounts upon request.

Request Access

Currently, this new feature is only available to premium accounts Plus, Corporate and Enterprise. Want access to our Multiple Language Support Feature? Request access here. 

Already have it enabled? Here’s how to get started.

Mass Invite Users on CincoTube

Admins, rejoice! Say goodbye to the tedious task of adding users one by one. With our Mass Invite Users feature, you can now copy a list of emails from a spreadsheet and paste them into the add user fields. Boom! 🎉Spend less time managing users and more time focusing on what truly matters, managing your content on CincoTube.

Who’s it for?

The beauty of Mass Invite Users lies in its accessibility—it’s available to all users across our Free, Plus, Corporate, and Enterprise plans. Whether you’re just starting out or managing a large team, this feature is here to make your life easier.

Ready to get started? Find out how to get started here.

Video Editor for Cincopa and CincoTube [Coming Soon]

Get ready to revolutionize your video editing experience with our upcoming Video Editor feature! This exciting addition allows users to effortlessly create clips from videos directly within the platform. No more switching between multiple tools—now, everything you need is right at your fingertips.

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What Can You Expect?

With basic functionality including video scrubbing, precision trimming, splitting, and batch-saving of clips as separate files, the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re a seasoned video producer or a skilled marketer, our Video Editor is your ticket to unleashing your creativity without ever leaving the platform.

Who Can Benefit?

Marketers, training specialists, video producers—this one’s for you! Skip the lengthy processing times and head right on over to seamless editing experiences that keep your workflow flowing smoothly. No more waiting around for clips to process or struggling to trim videos at precisely the right moment. Our Video Editor tackles these pain points head-on, empowering you to focus on what matters most—creating exceptional content that captivates your audience.

Join the waitlist and be the first to know when our video editor is released.

Wrap Up

April has been a month of significant upgrades here at Cincopa. These updates are designed to make your content creation and management experience more intuitive, accessible, and effective. Dive into these new features, and let’s continue to grow and innovate together. Your feedback drives our evolution, and we can’t wait to see how you leverage these updates to elevate your content and engage your audience.

Happy Uploading!🌈

Originally published on May 7th, 2024
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See What’s New in April! Cincopa Product Updates 2024

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