Master Gallery: The Magic Video Branding Tool Every Business Needs

How would you like to have control over your company’s branding, save time and get more work done? This is possible with Cincopa’s new editing tool, Master Gallery.


Design team managers often find it challenging and time-consuming to maintain gallery branding and uniformity.

It’s tedious but essential to manage all digital assets and make sure they’re consistent and on brand. The Master Gallery is a branding tool that makes this a breeze.


Why is brand consistency and uniformity so important?

Brand consistency is communicating in a way that aligns with core brand values. It involves using consistent visual brand elements, such as using the same colors, the same tone and presenting a logo in the same way.


“Over time, your company’s brand identity elements are ingrained in people’s minds and they become more likely to recognize your brand.”


With so many buying decisions being made subconsciously, consistency becomes the key to emotionally connecting with customers as your business grows.

  •    Customer experience: A consistent customer experience creates more trust and confidence in your brand.
  •    Values: Without consistency in the values your brand represents, they won’t make an impression on customers.
  •    Brand identity elements: Visual brand components that are recognizable help you stand out from your competition.

When someone visits your company website and receives an email from your company, do they have the same brand experience? Do they look and feel like the same company? If the answer is no, imagine the confusion.


“Every touchpoint, from social to email, blog posts to packaging, should feel like it’s coming from the same company.”


Control your Brand Communication Strategy with Cincopa Master Gallery


Evoke emotions: When your brand’s messaging is consistent, you have a platform to introduce key messages to make an impact in the minds of consumers. You can evoke positive emotions so that your audience begins to associate them with your brand.

If you do this right, the audience eventually attaches these emotions to your brand name and logo without even the need for emotion-evoking messages. The more positive they feel about your brand, the more likely they are to buy from you.

Build trust and loyalty: You want customers to have the confidence that they will have a certain experience when they engage with your brand. Coca-Cola is often used as one of the best examples of brand consistency.

The beverage brand has built such a consistent reputation over the years that everyone knows exactly what to expect from them. If you look at Coca Cola’s adverts made years apart, you immediately see the consistency in branding and messaging.

Differentiate your brand: In a competitive marketplace with so many offerings, brand consistency could make the difference between earning business or losing it to the competition. You need to consistently communicate, over and over again, what sets your brand apart from the rest.


Master Gallery and the Design Team Manager


Master Gallery help your creative team stay on brand.

“Design team managers have a serious challenge in delivering unified visual content these days. This is where the new Master Gallery tool from Cincopa provides a smart solution.”


Consider the following example. Dave, an enterprise customer at Cincopa, is responsible for managing a team of editors.

This means he can control who accesses his company’s Cincopa account in order to upload and embed content on their websites, landing pages, and internal media portals.

Maintaining gallery branding and uniformity is challenging for him. Issuing guidelines for his team? Well, that hasn’t always worked out the way he’s expected. Fortunately, Dave is now able to use the Master Gallery tool to make sure he can deliver unified visual content.

The Master Gallery tool was a great help when Dave’s company blog recently underwent a slight redesign to build stronger branding.

The graphic design team decided to make some changes in order to increase brand visibility. They added a player logo, post-roll video ads and an update to their call-to-action. One problem – this new branding direction had to be implemented on over 100 pieces of media content.

The Master Gallery tool provided a smart solution. All Dave had to do was to change the settings on his Master Gallery and it automatically updated all the media content using the starting template.


Keep control of your visual branding


Master Gallery helps your team stay in control of the visual branding

In the early days of an enterprise, the approval process is usually quite simple. Every branding choice made by the owner of the enterprise is usually signed off by the owner. As an enterprise grows, control becomes far more complicated.

The owner has to delegate and relinquish control to managers. These managers, such as design managers, now need to maintain control. Master Gallery is a tool that will help them to do so.


“Most companies have a variety of professionals in different functions, all creating brand materials for various purposes. Imagine the possibilities for making blunders when it comes to branding.”


If managers have templates and guidelines they can personalize as necessary, it makes things much easier. It gives everyone a consistent jumping-off point when creating brand content.


Save time and improve workflow

Imagine the convenience of being able to update all your media content immediately?

There are so many factors to check, such as logos, colors, fonts, and calls-to-action to make sure branding is consistent.

Having a way to ensure that any updates are applied throughout by simply changing settings on the Master Gallery can eliminate a whole lot of headaches. When you can update easily and instantly, it’s possible to save time, improve workflow and get more work done.


Final thoughts

There are myriad factors that make up a great brand. Maintaining consistency can be daunting, though. However, it is critical to any marketing effort. Whether your enterprise has already created its overall look or you’re still working on it, you need to make sure you convey your branding clearly and consistently.

Master Gallery is a magic tool that helps you to do this. Your customers will always know exactly what to expect from your company and have the necessary confidence and trust to buy your products or services.

Originally published on June 16th, 2019, updated on August 31st, 2022
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Master Gallery: The Magic Video Branding Tool Every Business Needs

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