Our Blog is Finally Here!

Hello, fellow Cincopans!

We are excited to announce that we are (finally) starting our blog! While we’re generally pretty busy working on improving our existing products and developing new ones, we’re always thinking of interesting things to share with you guys. Blogs are a pretty cool space to do just that!

Most companies start blogging before they really have anything to say. We’re not most companies. That said, we might have been procrastinating… but it’s been for a good cause! We have generally put product over communication, but now that we’re growing – faster than even before – we’ve decided to put blogging on the top of our to-do list. Cincopa has been up and running since 2006 and let’s just say that by now, we’re bursting with things to share with you – we don’t even know where to start!



Why We’ve Decided to Blog?

We see blogging as a two-way street. First, we can share with you our thoughts on industry trends; offer insights into product development (e.g., the why behind what we do), and hopefully offer you lots of information that you can use to boost your business. We aim to make this type of information something that will work together with Cincopa’s products and services – ultimately to help you get the most out of everything Cincopa has to offer.  Second, this blog provides us with a platform to better interact with you – our users.

If there’s a topic you want us to cover, let us know!  If we find that many of our users are suggesting similar topics, we’ll turn that into an informative post that everyone can benefit from.

What Will We Blog About?

We plan to blog once per day (if you really love what you’re seeing, let us know and we’ll blog even more)!

Here are some topics you can look forward to seeing on a regular basis:

 1Industry Trends: We live and breathe everything that has to do with video for business. We’ll share our take on industry trends and suggest ways that you can leverage these trends to do what you’re already doing – but even better!

2. Case Studies: Want to learn more about how using Cincopa can help you generate more returns? There’s nothing better than learning by example. So, we’ll also offer you a look into how some of our other clients use Cincopa to boost their businesses.

3. Products and Features: We’ll dive deep into our various products and features (both new and existing) to help make certain you’re getting the most out of Cincopa.

4. FAQ: Your most frequently asked questions are critical to us. That’s why we plan to blog about the most frequently occurring questions and provide in-depth answers for all to see and share.

If you’re not already, follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates, ongoing tidbits, announcements, promos and more!

This is going to be fun!

Originally published on November 23rd, 2014, updated on March 17th, 2019
The Blog

Our Blog is Finally Here!

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