Product Updates : See What’s New at Cincopa [January 2024]

New year, new features! We’re rolling out three of our top features that will take your content game to the next level!

As the first month of the year comes to an end, we at Cincopa have been hard at work finishing up major features that you could use all 2024 long! These features will help you to manage and monetize your content, and help you to generate even more engagement through video. So grab the best chair you can find, and let’s dive in!

Live Stream on CincoTube

First off we’ll talk about Live Streaming and Webinars on CincoTube. For those of you who don’t know, CincoTube is a versatile video platform that allows you to create your own branded, customizable video tube with full control over access restrictions. CincoTube was created for content creators, online educators and even enterprise organizations that want to create an internal communication platform. As live streams have been on the rise since early 2020, we decided to up our game on CincoTube allowing our users to easily go – live directly from the platform.

An image of a live stream event on CincoTube

Here’s the scoop : 

Boost Community Engagement : Go live directly on your community platform and encourage engagement with likes, comments, and allow your viewers to interact with one another, too!

Webcam and Screen Sharing Option : Want to make your live stream more engaging? Now you can share your screen, and your webcam to show off more!

Share with a Secure Link : Limit access to the live-streaming event to only those on your member list.

Want to learn more about our live streaming feature on CincoTube? Explore more about how you can use this feature, and exactly how to get started with Going Live on CincoTube.

Monetize and Manage Subscriptions with Stripe 

We know the hassle of trying to manage subscription based content on multiple platforms. We know it’s hard to keep track of who is on your membership lists too – especially if you have more than one! That’s why we’re unveiling our new Integration with Stripe + CincoTube! As mentioned above, CincoTube is a video platform made for communities to engage and that includes monetized content! Now, you can link your subscriptions directly into your CincoTube and manage and keep track of who is in your subscription lists.

Here’s the scoop : 

Add Multiple Subscription Types : Free trials, Tiered Subscriptions, Rentals and One-Off Subscriptions

Save Time on Adding Members : Access to content is granted immediately as soon as a viewer pays for a subscription.

Want to learn more and learn how you can create your own subscription based plan in CincoTube? Explore more about how you can use this feature with Stripe + CincoTube Integration. 

Seamless Migration from Wistia to Cincopa!

Making the switch from Wistia? We know how challenging it could be to move all of your assets over from one platform to another, that’s why we’ve created the Wistia Video Import Tool. Allowing you to move your videos over hassle-free. But what about your subtitles, chapters, folders and call-to-actions? Well, they’ll be imported too! Ensuring the migration process is quick, organized and easy-to-use once it’s on our side.

Import videos from Wistia to Cincopa

Here’s the scoop : 

Preservation of Properties : Everything is seamlessly transferred to Cincopa from Wistia including your subtitles, chapters, CTAs, and folders ensuring your content stays the same!

Efficient Organization : Once your videos are imported to Cincopa, they will be efficiently organized mirroring the structure that you had in Wistia.

No Data Loss or Compatibility Issues : Our platform accepts all of the same files as you remember in Wistia. The Wistia Video Import Tool ensures that videos are imported into Cincopa with precision, alleviating any concerns associated with content transitions.

Want to learn more? Explore the Wistia Video Import tool at your own pace and get started!

That’s a wrap!

And there you have it : three top-notch features to help you boost your engagement, monetize your videos and move your content over to Cincopa! So what are you waiting for? Get started with all of these amazing features and start making some waves with your content!

Interested in having your own CincoTube? Get a free account today and start customizing, building, adding and uploading!

Originally published on January 31st, 2024
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Product Updates : See What’s New at Cincopa [January 2024]

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