RecTrace – A Powerful Asynchronous Communication Screen Recorder Tool to Transform Your Video Presentation

There are thousands of video recording and video presentation tools in the market that serve small to large organizations according to their demands.


These video recording platforms and presentation software help the intended audience to interact live with those presenting either work-related or study material. Although such video presentation software work very well, in some cases, it might be impractical to use them. Additionally, live video conferencing might not benefit all those in the audience. That is where asynchronous communication comes in. Learn more about this highly effective video presentation system that helps communicate with the intended audience.

What is Asynchronous Communication?

Synchronous communication tools can be loosely classified as video conferencing platforms that allow users to communicate live with others. They are classified as synchronous because they allow users to communicate directly with each other in real-time. In direct contrast, asynchronous communication can be classified as tools that allow organizations and individuals to communicate their message as a pre-recorded event or meeting. These tools include webinar recording apps and screen recorders. Asynchronous communication tools extend to other tools that facilitate a one-way stream of data transfer. 

Using a screen recorder and then distributing the recorded presentation or content is rightfully classified as asynchronous communication. Even synchronous channels now facilitate asynchronous features such as recording a meeting and distribution the video thereof to the intended individuals. Considering that fact, some synchronous video communication tools have been regarded as a hybrid consisting of asynchronous presentation software. The spectrum of this form of communication tool seems to be never-ending because it can even include audio recording and distribution tools. 

However, asynchronous video wins in most professional settings because of its efficacy and the way it captivates attention. An Asynchronous communication tool like RecTrace can help you create a personalized presentation by capturing your screen while recording you through your webcam to deliver a greater impact. The presentation recorded can be shared on various social networks or the video can be directly embedded on your website.

Importance of Asynchronous communication in B2B

The B2B landscape has significantly changed from what it was due to all the digital transformations that impact this market specifically. There is a wide variety of marketing, sales and communication tools that have been adopted by small to large B2B organizations to keep up with the strong competition. One of the most useful digital transformations made by this sector is asynchronous video presentation. Using a video recorder to capture a custom presentation can help with onboarding customers without requiring much manpower. At the same time, asynchronous communication tools help streamline processes such as employee training

Most B2B companies make full use of RecTrace by recording their video presentations and personalizing them by adding annotations, call to action or dividing the video into chapters. This helps the organizations gain customers and train or onboard them through asynchronous video content. Also, recorded webinars have become an excellent marketing tool for B2B businesses because it is informative and great long-form content.

On the other hand, sales representatives need all the tools to communicate, capture and convert a lead. Creating a personalized video sales presentation with RecTrace can be the crucial difference between a successful conversion or a failed sales attempt. Sales reps can send their recorded video presentation through an email marketing campaign, and can track video analytics and measure the impact of the presentation in real time

Asynchronous video presentation also has internal benefits for B2B organizations as they can accomplish their tasks of training the staff and employee onboarding by utilizing the video presentation tool. Overall, it helps streamline processes for both individuals on either end of the rope. In the long run, asynchronous communication tools can help with revenue growth and company profitability. Additionally, the versatile nature of asynchronous communication fits in a variety of use cases, making tools like screen recording apps a huge asset in B2B sectors.

Transform your video Presentation and Webinars through Asynchronous communication 


Asynchronous communication is not limited to business purposes only but instead extends to other sectors such as online education. This sector has also been greatly impacted by digital learning mechanisms, which involve video presentations, webinars, and so much more. Quite recently, most educational facilities globally switched to online learning, distance learning and synchronous learning techniques. Various video conferencing techniques have been implemented by the online educational sector. This development has opened the online education platform for systems such as asynchronous learning to enter the stage and revolutionize the online education sector. 

For most people, asynchronous learning could be a foreign concept that seems counterproductive as synchronous learning seems to be more effective due to its interactive nature. However, an asynchronous class can have greater benefits due to how it all works. A great example of this is the ability to rewatch recorded classes or rewinding the video to properly listen to sections that could have been missed when watching live. Also, recording a class for online educational learning allows for more extensive planning and accurate delivery. 

As a teacher, using meeting or screen recorders to transform video presentations and webinars to classes goes a long way. Teachers even have the option to make their classes a hybrid of both synchronous and asynchronous systems. By video hosting live classes and recording them, they can achieve a hybrid communication system with your students. Having asynchronous communication methods in an online educational setting to record webinars and custom presentations can help boost overall academic performance significantly since students will have all-around access to all classes.

RecTrace: Dynamic asynchronous screen recorder extension on Chrome 

RecTrace is a dynamic asynchronous screen recorder created by Cincopa that can be used by B2B organizations, online education, sales representative and marketing personnel. It helps you create personalized video by recording yourself through your webcam or delivering a voiceover while recording the screen. You can further utilize the capabilities of Cincopa to personalize the video according to your customer preference by adding annotation, call to action or dividing the video by creating chapters.

The best feature of RecTrace is that it is used as an extension on Google Chrome for your Gmail or GSuite Account. Cincopa users can share their RecTrace recorded video on their email campaigns, social network or even embed video to their website. 

Most importantly, RecTrace and Cincopa offer video analytics features that help you track and measure the performance of your video while learning about your viewer’s behavior in real-time.  With video analytics information, you can find out the best parts of your video that are delivering the biggest impact helping you plan and structure future video content for your audience.


Asynchronous communication is a breakthrough evolution in video presentation. Organizations need to put efforts in personalizing their video content to capture a greater target audience. Asynchronous videos offer a substantial amount of flexibility and versatility for businesses to manage, publish and engage with their audience through their content. Utilizing this dynamic communication tool can help organizations grow exponentially.

Originally published on August 18th, 2021
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RecTrace – A Powerful Asynchronous Communication Screen Recorder Tool to Transform Your Video Presentation

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