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Up Your SEO Game with CincoTube Video Sitemap

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Boost Your Ranking on Google

Millions of videos are posted every day, so how can you ensure your content is getting noticed?

A short answer: improve your SERP ranking. 

CincoTube Sitemap

At CincoTube, we’ve been working hard to ensure you don’t have to. With this update, your CincoTube sites automatically generate and update sitemaps with metadata like titles, descriptions, tags, closed captions, chapters, and thumbnails for you, giving your content a boost on search engines and deliver it to the right audience in the most relevant and engaging way. The best part? Marketing folks can get all these done on their own–without your developers moving a needle.  

Taking videos to the next level on the worlds largest search engine

CincoTube sitemap now supports video tags and JSON-LD, allowing Google to scan all video information such as thumbnails, titles, descriptions, closed captions, chapters, and tags. If you’ve ever searched up a how-to question such as “how to change a tire” into your search engine, you most likely were prompted with a short clip from a video first. With CincoTube’s sitemaps, this allows your videos to have a better chance of showing up when someone asks a questions – driving more traffic to your tube!

CincoTube videos on google search engine

How CincoTube’s sitemaps benefit you

Structured data helps Google understand the content of your page. CincoTube sitemap allows Google to scan and understand all elements of your videos, thus enabling your videos to show as rich results in search, which can increase users’ interaction with your videos/pages as the search results appear more engaging to them. 

  • Thumbnail and preview on SERP

With CincoTube sitemap, search engines like Google and Bing are able to index and understand your videos, returning search results with a video embed, thumbnails for chapters, and descriptions relevant to the search. 

  • More traffic and better content discoverability

When your videos are enriched with relevant metadata, they’ll appear as rich results in search. Searchers are more likely to notice them and engage with the snippet, which brings more traffic to your site.  

  • Increased click-through rate and engagement with your content

When your video snippets are well structured to show the most relevant part of the video to searchers, they’ll get the eyeballs and clicks you dream of having!

  • Better SERP ranking

Before you know it, your video content will start to make your time and efforts worth it by ranking higher on the search results. 

It’s time to get the camera rolling, and start uploading directly to your CincoTube account!

CincoTube Video Sitemap

Originally published on November 1st, 2023
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Up Your SEO Game with CincoTube Video Sitemap

by Emma Caputo time to read: 2 min