The Right Way to Publish Display Ads on Your Website – Cincopa WOW Slider

If you want to generate income, you can place ads on your website, but it’s tricky to get it right so that users are not put off. It helps if you can take full control over ads on your website so that you’re able to deal with advertisers directly. You will need a custom solution that enables you to manage content for ads and publish them seamlessly on your website. The Cincopa WOW slider offers an excellent solution for publishing interactive adverts.

What is a WOW Slider?

Cincopa’s WOW Slider is a responsive template supporting both videos and images; it lets you easily create and publish beautiful ads galleries on your website with stunning animation effects.

WOW Slider belongs to a family of Grid Slider templates, which are all great for advertising as well.

The benefits of the WOW slider compared to ad networks

  • WOW Slider is fully customizable, which means you decide on its content, design, animation, background, and placement.
  • All Cincopa’s templates are mobile-friendly, responsive, and work great in all browsers. They can be customized to fit in with your website design.
  • You can upload unlimited images and videos to your website with this slider, add custom links and calls-to-action where needed to create an active promotion for your client.
  • Show slider controls and bullets if you prefer to let viewers switch slides manually or set autoplay.
  • Almost every advertiser and publisher faces the challenge with AdBlock. A considerable portion of internet users doesn’t click on banner ads because they can’t see them. This is not a case with Cincopa’s WOW Slider and grid slider templates, which are never blocked.

How to publish ads on your website in a few simple steps:

  • Browse the media templates gallery. Choose WOW Slider or any Grid Slider in the category.
  • Customize the slider appearance, upload banners, and images. You can add links and buttons with CTA if needed.
  • When the setting is done, copy the embed code and paste it to your website; you can also do it with Cincopa’s media plugin for CMS.
  • Enjoy a new impressive ads gallery on your website!

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Originally published on March 31st, 2017, updated on April 25th, 2019
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The Right Way to Publish Display Ads on Your Website – Cincopa WOW Slider

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