How to Improve Your Hiring Process with Video

The hiring process always has always been challenging, but with the beginning of the visual content era, smart companies started transforming their traditional approach to recruitment through the use of video tools. Is there a better way to recruit a good talent than by using video? It can become an extremely effective tool for attracting employees, connecting, and learning about each candidate in the most interactive way. If you are a professional recruiter or HR specialist – catch up with these 5 best video marketing techniques and learn how to become more creative and effective in interviewing, recruiting, training, knowledge-sharing, and more.


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using video.

Attract top-rated talents with visualized job offers

Hiring a talented employee can be a big challenge for recruiters these days. When you’re finding the appropriate candidate and sending them a job offer, some of your competitors are most likely to have approached them prior to you. You should show that your job offer is the best since a potential employee will select from several options. If you don’t want to fail, adding an engaging video to your job offer can help.

Video is much better than text, and one minute of video can tell a lot more than a thousand words. So, instead of sending long paragraphs of text, entice job seekers with an interactive video telling about your company and the benefits this job has to offer. Tell an engaging story about your business, including a welcome message from your CEO and top managers, take a viewer on a quick video tour to your office and show them other happy employees at work. Of course, making a fully individual video for each potential employee can be very time-consuming, but you can create a special video offer for each open position you have.

Insert a lead generation form directly into the video. This amazing tool will help you to collect personal contact information from job seekers who are really interested in working with your company. Integrating video campaigns with your email marketing provider lets you get all contacts saved directly to your email lists and organize all your data automatically. This can be done easily with Cincopa – a smart video hosting and management platform.

Another useful tool for video job offers is a call-to-action (CTA). It’s a great way for recruitment and HR professionals to focus on candidates’ attention on some important points and direct them to a landing page where they can get more information about your job and your company.

Use video signature in email campaigns to build trust

As a recruiter, you must be sending numerous emails on a daily basis. There’s a simple solution allowing you to add a personal connection to your email campaigns, make your message look more user-friendly, and maximize feedback from recipients: a video email signature

It is a short self-explanatory video that every recruiter must have in their email toolset. You can embed a video signature telling a few facts about yourself and your company right to your email template. A recipient will be able to see who you are and find out some interesting facts about your personality. With a video email signature, you can create an atmosphere of trust, motivate people to start a discussion with you, and consider your job offer.

Add interaction to job interviews and tests

Using video in job interviews gives you an opportunity to learn much more about a job seeker who has sent you a resume. You can learn more about their strengths, abilities, competence, preferences, attitude to work, understand their competence. From the job seeker’s perspective, video interviews motivate them to express their talent and demonstrate their skills in the best way.

However, just an interview cannot always be enough to examine an applicant’s skills. So, when it comes to assigning job tests, video can become of great help as well. In fact, video turns the testing process into an interactive and highly engaging experience. Through video annotations, cue points, pop-ups and marks added to a video timeline, you can better explain the task and get more informative feedback.

Brand your video for instant recognition

Branding your content is necessary for increasing brand awareness. When reaching out to talents, you certainly want them to memorize your company and get back to you. The following video branding tools are particularly important in this matter:

Logos and watermarks – you can add a clickable icon to the corner of your videos. Anyone watching the video will associate it with the company name. You can easily insert it into your online video player and customize its appearance using Cincopa without any coding skills. Another option is a watermark, which is usually a larger image containing some visual elements that belong to the brand. In both cases, it’s possible to make video branding clickable with a custom link pointing to your website or landing page. In addition, you get protected video content that can be published in different sources without losing attention from potential employees.

That’s not all. You can also take advantage of pre-roll and post-roll video ads – short and catchy videos displayed before the beginning or after the end of your main video (or playlist). When viewers click on the play button, they will first see a video ad about your company. It can be as short as an animated logo or a brief company intro. Pre-roll and post-roll video ads give you a chance to tell some noteworthy facts about your company and attract job seekers’ in the most engaging manner.

Analyze how talents react to your job offers

After sending job offers to talents it’s important to know how well you have managed to engage them and keep them interested. Video analytics can become a valuable source of insights providing you with detailed statistics and personal information about your target audience. Your success in hiring talents directly depends on how people interact with your video content. Have they watched your videos to the end, have they reacted to your calls-to-action, followed specific links or filled in pop-up forms?

By analyzing the video engagement rate with video heatmaps you can understand which videos used in your recruitment activities performed better.  Besides, you will get access to personal information about each video viewer: their location, view date, video watch time, IP, device, browser version, and much more. All this data is precious for conducting no-failure recruiting campaigns.


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using video.

Go ahead and try these 5 tips for using videos in the hiring process. Let us know in comments how it has helped you to achieve more effectiveness in your work!

Originally published on April 4th, 2017, updated on January 21st, 2021
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How to Improve Your Hiring Process with Video

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