Top 10 Sales Podcasts in 2021 and How to Start Your Own

Let’s face it, if you are sales rep, whether a beginner or a pro, you have little time to keep learning new skills.

This is a problem.

The current economic market is very competitive; you must always be at the top of your game. With sales constantly evolving, trying to keep up with new trends can be overwhelming.
You need an edge if you want to be the best sales rep you can be; putting in the work is no longer a luxury.

So, how do you become an enlightened sales pro?

Sales podcasts! 

Listening to successful salespeople share their real-life experiences along with actionable concepts and tips will help you hone your skills.


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Here are some highly-recommended podcasts that even the busiest of reps should find time to listen to:

Sales Hacker

Kicking off our list is a podcast perceived by many B2B sales personnel as the authoritative one in its category. Exploring topics such as lead generation, sales development, sales enablement, sales hiring, CRM and sales operations, listeners routinely tune in to brush up on all the latest trends and news pertaining to B2B sales.

The Sales Evangelist

If you want advice from different B2B sales pros that know how to hustle in the sales industry, look into the Sales Evangelist podcast. Each episode will help you grow your sales prospecting game. What’s unique about this podcast is that it touches on a variety of topics that can help you become a well-rounded, dynamic sales rep.

Sell or Die

If you want to be an expert in sales enablement, Sell or Die will be the best podcast for you. This particular podcast is unique because the two hosts, Jeffrey Gitomer and Jennifer Gluckow, focus on interviewing elite performers in the business world. Therefore, you can learn everything from sales cycles, closed deals, and sales enablement tools.

The Quotable Podcast

This is an excellent sales training podcast since it taps into many different topics, including talent recruitment. You might also learn about cold calling and outbound prospects when listening to the host, Kevin Micalizzi.
The Quotable Podcast is perfect for sales managers since it provides essential information regarding sales operations.


Sales Pipeline Radio

Looking to develop a sales enablement strategy? Look no further than Matt Heinz’s Sales Pipeline Radio. The episodes provided will not only teach you about the methods you can use for your sales development teams, but the experts in B2B marketing features will tell you how you can sharpen your sales prospecting tactics.

The Ziglar Show

The Ziglar show is highly ranked for a reason. It is dedicated to improving your individual skills by inspiring and developing good habits. Therefore, if you have had challenges with self-discipline, especially with regards to sales, make sure you listen to the hosts, Tom Ziglar and Kevin Miller. Their guests will tell you their secrets for getting long term success.

B2B Growth Show

Are you a sales executive looking to grow in the B2B world? Jonathan Green and Sweet Fish Media team up in this podcast to teach you about sales development strategies, sales prospecting, sales management, and negotiation techniques, among other topics.

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Sales Acceleration

If you are a sales rep beginner and you want to learn the sales trade fast and progressively, look into Sales Acceleration. The podcast offers episodes, six times every week, each ranging between 18 to 49 minutes. In those episodes, you will learn how to make sales strategies to generate value for your customers and your career. This is your personal guarantee of success.


You know you are learning from experts if one of your hosts is the godfather of SaaS. SaaStr is perfect for any sales rep that is interested in everything SaaS. The podcast features experts in the field. You will learn everything from sales training to sales enablement, sales development, and sales operations. You will also get entrepreneurial tips for your trade.

The Failure Factor

We’ve already mentioned that the sales industry is a field made for the tough. But sometimes, you might want to listen and talk to someone that understands your sales struggles. Let host Megan Bruneau help you cope with any fears you have as a salesperson. She uses her therapist qualifications to give sales reps mechanisms to turn their failures into successes.

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Do you want to start a podcast?

It’s easy. Just get a good hosting platform like Cincopa and an excellent podcasting microphone. More on that in a second.

There are specific steps you have to follow when starting a podcast. First, be clear on the topic and the name of your podcast. Also, remember to consider the format of each episode.

Then, start preparing for podcasting by creating your cover art, choosing your introduction music, and then getting the right microphone. The best podcast microphone is the ATR2100x-USB.

Other microphones that are preferable for podcasts include Samson Q2U, Rode PodMic, Samson Go Mic, Rode NT-USB, Rode Procaster, and Blue Snowflake.

Now you can start recording and editing your podcast.

Remember that every podcast needs an excellent hosting platform.

Cincopa is easy to use, and a podcast hosted on it can then be embedded on any CMS or site. All you need is a Cincopa account. Once you have it, you can create your podcast with one of the available templates.

Customize the template to your preference and start recording using RecTrace. Then, edit your episode, and once you are satisfied, upload it to Cincopa. You can then begin to submit your podcast to other directories.

Once you are done, start spreading the word. Ask your potential buyers or potential customers from sales organizations, employees or colleagues, friends, family members, and others to listen to your podcast.

You can also grab your episode embed code and add it to your website or social media pages for people to listen to. Don’t forget to share the podcast with sales management or the sales team in your company; they are the reason you are doing this!

Originally published on June 8th, 2020, updated on December 30th, 2020
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Top 10 Sales Podcasts in 2021 and How to Start Your Own

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