Video hosting for business

Because time is precious, you focus in selecting or creating the right images for your business web page and at Cincopa we do the rest.

Your business is demanding and you have less than a minute to upload your video? At Cincopa we feel you and that’s why we offer a video hosting for business where you can easily upload any video format file and embed it anywhere you want swiftly. Our service allows you to concentrate on creating the right videos to enrich your site while we take care of other technicalities, such as conversions and thumbnails generation.

Cincopa automatically encodes your file in multiple resolutions to enable the highest video CDN quality for a perfect viewing experience. And, of course, your media files will be optimized for all browsers, screens and mobile devices.

Media player with custom branding for the enterprise

Plus, our media player with custom branding permits you to gain maximum brand exposure and direct people to your web site from wherever they watch your multimedia. By adding your own logo or watermark to the media player you can showcase your brand the way you prefer and reach the audience who is only waiting to hear from you. One valuable tip: turn your multimedia into a powerful source of traffic by adding custom URLs.

Video hosting for business a minute away

Video hosting for business has never been so efficient: you select a video player out of Cincopa’s vast video cloud collection, customize the player’s skin and functions at your whim, changing sizes, colors, controls, layout and even editing CSS files!

We are aware that your time is precious, so it is your clients, that is why Cincopa’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) is designed to ensure the highest delivery possible. Our video hosting servers are located all over the globe to provide end-users fast upload from local servers. It is quick, secured, stable, credible and made to deliver the best quality video streaming with the least buffering possible.

Originally published on March 14th, 2016, updated on March 17th, 2019
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Video hosting for business

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