Use Lightbox Gallery to make an impact

Business presentations are critical, and Cincopa helps you make that first impression a lasting one granting you with an overall solution through our platform.

Lightbox image gallery is one of the most popular online display technics due to two characteristics: its efficiency and classic appearance. A Lightbox gallery allows you to showcase and overlay your images on the current page while the rest of the page is darkened. And it is not only meant to make your site look better, which it will, but also boost your SEO and traffic as well as promote your users’ engagement and the time they spend viewing your page.

More than 100 skins for your business

Cincopa’s developers have designed a bunch of Lightbox image gallery skins, over a hundred, with varied display options, features and transitions, with the objective than more than one will suit your taste and needs.

Our video player has been designed with a clean and simple appearance, the video gallery has its categories and playlist, Cincopa offers as well advanced video portal and more custom video formats, including Facebook mode, timeline, pop-up, overlaid and floating video. Also the audio player features playlist, fixed and floating layout.

Full protection of files

And the dedicated servers enable you to upload infinite files from any device or web source without being limited to your server quota. Plus, the advanced security system makes sure your media files are fully protected.

The process of creating and adding the Lightbox gallery takes only a few minutes –it does not require coding skills because the software performs automatically any needed conversions and resizing- Once you establish your preferred Lightbox image gallery, you can use it in numerous sites or promote it through social networks via a click of a button. Also, managing an existing Lightbox gallery is super easy and can be executed from both your desktop and mobile devices.

To add Lightbox Gallery into your webpages

Originally published on March 14th, 2016, updated on March 17th, 2019
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Use Lightbox Gallery to make an impact

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