Video Landing Pages – Yay or Nay?

With hundreds of sites apparently providing almost the same services and products, what could you do to stand out? You need to think creatively and do stuff differently on your site. That’s true especially if you want to boost your traffic and the conversion rate of your audience. One of the perfect ways to attract customers is using explainer videos on your landing pages.

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You might have less time and room to impress your audience online. Therefore, you need to maximize the  limited resources available to you. A video landing page is interesting and dynamic. It serves to draw the attention of your viewer instantaneously. Often, good articles might not cut it with your clients. At such times, you need to rely on an appealing and thought-provoking page to get your customers to come to you. Best of all, it drives business results . Using video on your landing page can increase conversion by up to 80%.

Now, imagine what a video landing page can do?

What can be done with a good Video Landing Page?

You know the old adage about a picture being worth a thousand words? Well, videos take that a step further.

“According to a research conducted by Forrester, a one minute video is worth 1.8 million words. It would be almost criminal not to make use of such a medium when designing your sites UX.”

A well-crafted, concise can convince your viewers to purchase products or services if you could make your landing page appealing enough. A video landing page will enable you to tell everything about your services and products to customers – without them having to go through pages after pages of articles on the subject. A video landing page can boost your credibility, giving your website a certain cachet that has people instinctively viewing as more trustworthy.

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Even though your static web page might have all the relevant concepts and details in place, it often fails to sustain your viewer’s attention and interest. Meanwhile, an explainer video production appeals to more than one sense of an individual. The information relayed through your videos, is consumed in a better, far more palatable way by your viewers.

Why Use Explainer Video Production?

It’s no doubt that Google has brought the biggest online broadcasting platform – YouTube. The effect of an influential video online could no longer be denied. That’s why more and smarter businesses are opting away from the conventional landing pages and making their way for video landing pages. Having a good video will help you remain on the top of the page ranking by famous search engines.

“The problem is, YouTube gives you very little in the ways of analytics. If you spend money and time on developing a promotional video, it would be not to be able to measure its performance, no?”

That’s where video hosting platforms come in. With a good video host, such as Cincopa, you will have access to advanced, yet easily comprehensible viewing data. You will know how much of each certain video was watched, who watched it, and whether a viewer left and then returned to watch it later. Based on the information you gather, you can automate emails to promising prospects. You can approach leads you know have shown interest in your business.

How to Take Advantage of Video Landing Pages

Are you now considering adding an explainer video production in your landing pages? Then you need to ensure that your page is search-engine optimized. Make sure you mention in the page that it’s a video and not an image. Allow your viewers to know that it’s a quick video. Take note, no one prefers to watch almost an hour-long video talking about the history and work of your company.

“Make it a point to keep your video landing page as appealing and interactive as possible. It must be a call to action, which involves your client actively into your product and services; a wonderful method that allows you to boost your client base easily.”

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Here are a few examples of video landing pages done right

Scorpion legal internet marketing

scorpion legal

This agency really gets it. They cater to a traditionally conservative, serious customer base, and manage to immediately add color and flavor to it. It showcases agency personal passionately explaining how important it is for them to help their customers realize their goals. The tone throughout the video is extremely positive and bright, and the speakers come off as genuine and gregarious. Because they operate out of an impressive building, the areal drone shots add a certain cinematic quality, that makes the video more exciting. A really cool feature is the video’s background. Instead of a static mural, the agency opted for playing the promotional video on mute and with a darker tint. The effect is a highly engaging and stimulating experience.

McGillian MD

McGillian MD

Evoking genuine emotion from viewers is a challenge for medical organizations, especially in the US, where the price of health insurance is staggering. When medical entities try to woo prospects appealing to their emotions, it’s hard for many to not view these attempts as a somewhat cynical, exploitative approach.

That’s what makes McGillian MDs video so unique. It showcases a real physician who manages relay a passionate, personal message without resorting to excessive shmaltz. The doctor shown throughout speaks in an eye-level, straight-to-the point manner. She explains how the clinic operates in a transparent, professional way, and that thanks to its size, patients will be given more personal treatment.

There was no need to travel to a remote location to film; the clinic itself serves as a perfect, effective backdrop.

Oh, and just as importantly, it’s done all in a minute and forty seconds.

Sandwich Video

A video landing page is the preferred strategy of most marketing agencies, especially video marketing agencies, and with good reason.

Their value proposition is encapsulated perfectly with these videos:

‘Like what you see? Well, we can do the same for your brand’

Sandwich Video manage to stand out even within the video-heavy world of agency landing pages.

They entice you by having the video thumbnail appear much smaller than you’d expect. Once you click on it, the video expands and you a truly unique video experience begins.

With a significantly wide and diverse portfolio at its disposal, the agency elegantly blends footage from its former projects, highlighting its vast experience and capabilities. This ‘best of reel’ could have come off as a simple (maybe even gratuitous) muscle flex. But because it was executed with such detail and in such an uber-professional way, one can’t help but simply come away from the video feeling thoroughly impressed.

Oddly, Sandwich Video does not use a sophisticated video hosting platform, opting instead to upload to  Vimeo. It’s a shame they denied themselves a way to analyze who, how and when people viewed this incredible video.

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Author’s Bio: Aaron’s passion for video explainers began as a young man. He saw the URL up for grabs… and the rest as they say is history. Aaron has a passion for technology and efficient processes making sure the whole video explainers engine at Animation Explainers runs smoothly for every single client on our books. Aaron always ensures that your own vision for an explainer video is translated by our skilled team into reality. Aaron’s calm and cool attitude means working with our team to create an animated explainer video is always seamless and a joy.

Originally published on September 30th, 2019, updated on January 2nd, 2020
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Video Landing Pages – Yay or Nay?

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