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Your Portfolio Website as a Key to Success

Table of Content

What is the fastest way to show people what you do and convert them into customers? You have to show them what you do, not just tell them about it. A short, fun, witty explainer video is one way to do this.

Your online portfolio is all about displaying your creativity and expertise. It has to stand out from countless other online collections. You need to use every tool at your disposal to attract attention in a short space of time. The best portfolios contain a variety of elements such as photographs, videos, interviews, and media feedback.

Curate your best work

Look at the work you have done and selected the best for your video portfolio. Choose the type of work that reflects what you want to do in the future. Focus on quality rather than quantity but choose enough work to give a client a good idea of what to expect from you.

Present your process

Visitors love to know the story behind your work. Think about how to present your process, from the initial concept to the finished work. Stylized photography is one way to do this, but a video recording often has the most impact. Clients see you working on a specific piece of jewelry or a sculpture and get a good insight into how you work and what you can offer them.

Your work must take center stage

A sophisticated website design can take attention away from your work. It’s best to keep the visual design and interface simple so clients can access your content easily.

Tell your story

As a creative, your perspective is unique, and this is what people want to understand. Share how you came to develop your point of view and what experiences shaped your creative direction.  Be approachable and relatable by adding some details about your hobbies, passions or guilty pleasures.

Add distinctive elements

Mention any awards or public accolades. Include links to newspaper or magazine articles where you may have been mentioned. Any dealings with well-known experts in your field should be mentioned too.

Keep it up-to-date

You don’t want your portfolio to be static, so you need to update it regularly. Keep adding the new work you are doing.

Use professional marketing tools

Cincopa is an online provider of professional video hosting. It takes many technical issues out of your hands so you can focus on what you do best.

It can help you to attract viewers, collect their emails and direct them to your sign-up page or other videos on your website. From the information given, you know precisely what your viewer watched, what he or she came back to or what was skipped.

You can embed the video wherever you like after uploading it to your account, and all the technical conversions are done for you. Your viewers will be able to see the video on a server close to them, giving them quicker load times.  Best of all, you have total control over your videos and how your customers view them.


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Originally published on July 7th, 2018, updated on April 24th, 2019
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Your Portfolio Website as a Key to Success

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