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How to Grow Your Business Using Video in 2018

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People spend a third of their time online watching videos. If you want to grow your business, using video is essential. What most brands learned in 2017 is the importance of using video. In 2018 the way to see a business grow is not just to use video but to use it to its full potential. Here are some ways to use video to build your business.

Take advantage of online video creation tools

In the past, the idea of creating video was intimidating for many and videos were usually created by video production companies. It has become more accessible and easier to create video, and many platforms allow you to create a simple explainer video in a couple of minutes.

You no longer need technical or designer skills, and you don’t even have to appear in front of the camera. Whiteboard and explainer videos allow you to explain visually what you have to offer and are a favorite way for companies to increase conversions.

Use video hosting

You’ve just created a new video for your website. Do you host it directly on your website? Some disadvantages of this are that it eats up your storage space and server bandwidth and it doesn’t work that well.

People using mobile devices and different browsers may have problems viewing the video. Free video hosting sites, such as Vimeo, or a private hosting option like Cincopa, deal with these issues, drive traffic to your site and improve your on-site engagement and conversions. You will also have access to detailed performance analytics.

Use video branding to boost recognition

Your brand has to stand out from the competition and be memorable. A promotional video with exciting and enjoyable content can promote brand awareness without trying to do any hard selling. Video can help you to position yourself as personal and real, rather than a faceless corporate entity.

It can help you form a real connection with your audience. Spread your video branding content across social media. You can even pay for views on the right channels to help with further organic growth and encourage video branding engagement.


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Make product videos

People are much more likely to buy after viewing a product video. This type of video helps them to see how a product will benefit them. A product video may focus on a specific problem and explain how it can be resolved by using your product. You can tell a story or even let your customers do it for you.

Make ‘how to’ videos to help your customers

When describing how to use a product or service, a video works better than text. You can even create a mini-series of videos and focus on different aspects of a product or service in each one. You need to make it as easy as possible for customers to start using a product or service. Show your customers you haven’t forgotten them after you make a sale. This is likely to reduce the number of support calls you receive, saving time and allowing you to focus on value-added activities for your business.

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Use video for recruiting and training staff

Video for recruiting? Yes, that’s in trend. The video is a way to communicate the values and long-term goals of your business. In a video, you can show the benefits of working for your company and make potential employees excited about the prospect.

You could show these videos at job fairs and on job postings to draw in your ideal candidates. You can also train the staff you’ve recruited by using animation explainer videos. A committed, dedicated, passionate staff will help your business to grow.

Create a ‘behind the scenes’ video

People love a sneak peek at the inner workings of a business. It makes them feel more engaged when they can see people and processes. Your brand more human to them, and they can get some idea of what goes into providing a product or service. They have more appreciation for what they are getting when they buy.

Create an online course

Many platforms and applications are making it easier than ever to create online courses. This is becoming possible even for those who are not that tech savvy, and online learners are looking for video-based courses that work on tablets, smartphones, and computers. Screencasting is a useful technique that allows you to record your computer screen while adding a voiceover. Animations, like whiteboard style drawings, are visually stimulating and the software is easy to use, including text, music, themes and built-in images.

Offer a webinar

Viewing an online video is great, but an engaging, conversational type of video is even better. Traditional webinar models are still effective, but new models are available that are all about watching and engaging with a host through live video.  Webinars help to build trust with your audience and grow your email list.

Start a YouTube Channel

Starting a YouTube channel can help you to build your brand faster and give you a broader reach. When someone goes to YouTube, they are looking for videos to watch. Optimizing your videos with tags, good descriptions and links to your site tell search engines what the video is about and helps to drive traffic to your site.

Make sure your video is mobile-friendly

Remember that most users own smartphones, and they use them frequently to view and share videos. You need to make sure that your videos are mobile-friendly, have the highest quality audio, are suitable in length and that users can zoom in on important messages. You should select the most compelling image from your video to use as the cover image or splash screen.

Make success story videos

Video can play an essential role in nurturing and converting leads. Case studies, testimonials and success stories will encourage sales. This is the kind of content you can use to put any concerns or doubts to rest finally. A well-placed, effective success story can keep encouraging people to take that final decision to buy time and time again.


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Originally published on July 2nd, 2018, updated on April 24th, 2019
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How to Grow Your Business Using Video in 2018

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