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Broadcast live to your audience with Cincopa's Live Steaming solution.
Broadcast events, concerts, webinars and news.

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Professional live video streaming platform

Cincopa’s live video streaming platform lets you deliver videos to viewers worldwide from a single managing dashboard. Due to HTTP live streaming (HLS) technology that lies at the root of our service you’re enabled to reach your audience on any device. Users can consume your content in the highest quality their connection allows through websites, custom iOS & Android mobile apps, as well as streaming platforms like Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Google Chromecast.

Integrate a live video player with your website or app

You’ve got so many options to create a perfect live video streaming experience for your audience. Cincopa will cover all the technical details while you can focus on capturing the most engaging moments. With the variety of our live video player templates, you can choose the one that best fits to your website design. Embed a live video player to your website within a few clicks, integrate it with your app using Cincopa’s simple API, or deliver videos via Cincopa’s OTT platform supported by numerous consumer apps.

Live Streaming For Enterprise Internal Communication and Webinars

Live Steam Meetings, Events, Meetups, Learning and education to your employees, customers, prospects and partners. Gate your live steam with Video Lead Generation to generate leads

Live Streaming for Events organizers

Video Steam your event publicly or privately (behind login paywall) to maximize profit and exposure with your remote audience.

Live Streaming for Salesforce Chatter and Portals

Communicate in real time, privately and securely within your organization. Use SSO (single sign up) to ensure the privacy of your Live Steam.

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Reliable hosting for live video streaming

Cincopa makes live video streaming hosting as flawless as possible for you. use any RTMP supporting camera. Even use your Smartphone to broadcast to your audience on 4K in near real time.

You can control broadcast delay time to broadcast in near real time and allow viewers to navigate the Cincopa Live player timeline and go back in time to the begining of the live stream.

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