Cincopa Video Integration for HubSpot Marketing automation

With Cincopa Video Integration for HubSpot Users, you have access to Cincopa’s engaging video galleries and video players. These are embedded within your website, landing pages and marketing emails, which in turn, convert your visitors into HubSpot contacts (leads).

You can then engage, track, score and nurture prospects through the utilization of optimized videos, thus increasing conversion and closing more deals.

The main benefits of using Cincopa Intergration for HubSpot are as follows:

  • Video lead generation - Generate more leads using video lead generation.
  • Video heat maps - Gain and see actionable video insights.
  • Contact timeline integration - Know what, when and how much was watched.
  • Video lead scoring – Turn user actions into qualification scores.
  • Video lead nurturing with workflow actions - Create Marketing Automation Actions.