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Importing A Video Into A Player

Cincopa Galleries (also known as the video player) is a player through which you can display one or more videos or media items using a variety of templates. Cincopa Galleries are a convenient way to display multiple videos and share them with others.

Cincopa Gallery or a Player helps you place your Cincopa media in a template from 100’s of templates specially designed by the Cincopa Team.

Be up and running in minutes with amazing Image and video Galleries and Image Slideshows, complete with text captions and overlays, various lightbox styles, hover actions, tooltips, and other interactive elements.

You can also add multiple widgets like forms, social media integrations, call to action, etc to your galleries and they also make it easier to embed a gallery on your website.

You can check this help article to see how to create a NEW GALLERY

You can check this article for Advanced Customization options.

There may be scenarios where you may want to add another video or a two to your already existing Gallery. Let’s see how we can achieve that:
Log in to your Cincopa account and click on Galleries to view your existing galleries.
Now you can scroll the list of galleries that you have and then click on Manage & Upload Files as shown in the screenshot below.
You will now see the list of videos already added to your Gallery. You can then click on Choose Files to add files from your computer to your Cincopa account or drag and drop your media files to upload them.
You can also add a video from your Assets Library, Email, Webcam, Mobile App, Dropbox, Instagram, Uploader, Upload from URL by choosing any of the options on the left of the screen.
In this example, we are uploading files from the Assets library.
Once you choose the media files that you wish to import to your gallery, simply click on Finish to save the changes.
Next, you will be taken to the Gallery Embed page where you can copy the embed code by clicking on COPY EMBED CODE
You can click on Preview Gallery to view the new changes you made to the gallery.

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