Cincopa customization settings varies based on the template you selected for your media. Each template comes with it’s own relevant settings options. In this doc will walk you through the main options.

For specific, template based, customization setting help and support:

  1. Go to Cincopa “Start” wizard, step 2: Customize template.
  2. Click the link “How to setup this skin”


  1. Go to “Galleries”
  2. Select the gallery you want to customize
  3. Click on the “Edit” icon
  4. Click on “How to setup this skin” link
Edit this gallery icon
For specific, template based, customization setting help and support go to “Galleries” > “Edit” icon
How to setup this skin
Find help regarding customization options for each template in Cincopa wizard step 2: Customize Template

The coustomization panel is on the side bar in the left side of the screen.  The side bar is organized in tabs. Click on the relevant tab to view more settings options.


You can, at all times, change template.

  • Go to “Customize template” screen (step 2 in Cincopa “Start” wizard)
  • Click on the ‘change skin” link next to the current template thumbnail.
Customization options is screen side bar
All Customization options in screen side bar

Note: the settings and different customization options changes based on your account type. If the feature is locked to your account type you will see a lock icon. Please contact our support or upgrade your account.

Lock icon
Lock icon, indication that you need to upgrade your account to use this feature

The settings features and options changes based on your selected template. This documentaion covers the video player settings.

Other templates:

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