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Cincopa Subtitle Generator and Speaker Detector – Overview

Cincopa Automatic Closed Captioning and Speaker Detecting

Automatically generate closed captions with speaker recognition for your Cincopa videos, review the captions, and publish them live and enjoy the following benefits:

1. Reduce production and transcription costs.

2. Make your videos ADA (508) compliant and accessible.

3. Boost Video SEO (Captions become part of the JSON-LD – Auto Video SEO).

4. Better engagement with your audience, when videos are played on mute.

Our system automatically detects the language of your video when you submit it for closed captioning.

Getting started with auto closed-captioning:

  • Navigate to Assets and select the video you want to auto-transcribe.

Cincopa platform - Asset Editor

  • Select the Auto Transcribe & CC tab and click Order Transcript.

Automatic captioning for videos-Cincopa

  • The system will automatically detect the language of the video. Click Yes to continue.

Automatic captioning - Cincopa

  • Depending on the length of the video being processed, within seconds to a few minutes, your auto-generated caption will be ready.
  • Click Edit & Publish to continue to the Cincopa Captions Editor.

Automatic captioning - Cincopa

  • Use the captions editor to review and edit the captions if needed and once you’re done, click Publish Closed Captions to set it live.

Closed Caption Editor - Cincopa

💡Pro Tip

Our system automatically recognizes different speakers enabling viewers to easily follow conversations and dialogue within the video. If you would like to change the system-generated speaker names, you can do so by typing in the names under the Speaker list and entering the actual name of the person speaking.


If you delete an automatically generated closed-caption, it won’t be lost, you will be able to start offering from step 5, re-edit, and publish it again.

Turn the default closed caption to on or off

Default caption on/off -Cincopa

  • Go to Auto Transcribe & CC and check or uncheck the box beside your caption file.
  • Your video will reload and the setting will be applied to the player automatically.

No matter whether you set the closed captions to be on or off as the default mode, your viewers will still be able to turn on the captions by clicking on the CC button on the player.


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