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Make Your Blog Post Shine by Adding Blogspot Widget

The fact that you use a simple and free blog publishing service does not mean you have to compromise your pages esthetics and performance. Cincopa provides you with a complete rich media solution, which enables you to create a wide range of Blogspot gadgets. The term, blogspot widget, includes diverse galleries, image and video slideshows, video and music players and even a podcast.

There is no doubt that Blogspot gadgets are a real asset for any blogger's site; they promote webpages traffic and enhance the users experience and engagement. Adding a widget for blogspot is a very simple and fast process, which requires no special skills. It does not matter, which widget blogspot-supported you choose, any Cincopa blogspot widget you select will produce a reliable, attractive and protected display of your files. You just have to decide, which blogspot widget you would like to display on your page, and then upload suitable media files. Notice that Cincopa gadgets for blogspot allows you to combine rich media files; for example, photos and music. You also have to take a few creative decisions to fit the widget for blogspot to match your personal taste.


The Cincopa Solution for Blogspot

Add Video, Audio, Photos and Slideshow To Your Website...Very Easy!
Just select the media you want posted to your Blogspot from the list of file you have on your PCs, and customize the player the way you want it. With Cincopa, you paste the automatically generated unique code into your website and forget it. Very simple! It is just choose, cut, paste... that is it!

1Select a Template for Your Blogspot Widget

Cincopa offers dozens of widgets templates. Choose your favorable widget for Blogspot, and then select one of the available templates. Each template has many customization options like size, color, shuffle, auto-play, background, playlist etc. Customize your options and preview the widget on a separate window. You may try any number of widgets and templates to be positively sure that you have found the right one for your webpage.

2Upload Multiple Files

Upload an unlimited number of files to your Cincopa "cloud" drive. You may upload files from any of your devices including webcam and mobiles, or from any web URL including social networks. Cincopa application takes care of technical procedures such as conversions, transcoding and resizing of your photos.

3Embed Simple Code

Choose Blogger as your site's method. Copy the line of code, generated by the simple wizard and paste it wherever you like on your webpage. You can update or edit your blogspot widget whenever you want from any of your devices.

Cincopa is the most complete Video, Image, Audio/Podcast Hosting Platform


The Benefits of Cincopa's All-in-One Solution

Cincopa offers you many different Blogspot widgets, all carefully designed and programmed in order to bring your page an added value in the form of attractiveness, extra content and improved user-experience. Cincopa provides you with more than just a widget for Blogspot; it grants you with reliable hosting and delivery services, which are not limited to your server's quota; your media files enjoy a full protection, thanks to the advanced security system Cincopa operates, and moreover, you are able to establish your display in a matter of minutes.

The Blogspot widgets are compatible with all mobile devices and major browsers. There is no limitation on the number of files, which you can practically upload from any device and almost any web URL. Conversions, file compression, resizing of photos and all other technical tasks are automatically performed by the application. You get full documentation and may always contact the attentive and professional support service.

Cincopa platform enables you to display the same widget on multiple sites or promote it in numerous social channels with no additional effort. The basic products and services are totally free; however, there is always an option to use advanced features and extended storage space and bandwidth via the available pro-plans.

Cincopa offers a wide range of Blogspot gadgets with dozens of highly customizable templates. The high-end app ensures a progressive download with no stuttering, buffering and delay issues. The creation process is remarkably fast and easy; thus, you should just try it out and see the great results for yourself.