BuddyPress Gallery Plugin

Share BuddyPress Video, Photo and Audio Galleries

Enable your BuddyPress community share rich media content, simply by installing the Easy Albums plugin. Cincopa's BuddyPress gallery plugin allows you to fulfill your wish within a couple of minutes. The whole procedure is free and remarkably easy with no requirement for any special skills.


Cincopa, multimedia platform, has developed an inclusive BuddyPress user-gallery solution. Once you install the multipurpose plugin, users will be able to create and share BuddyPress video gallery, BuddyPress photo gallery, BuddyPress music, podcast and various media combinations. In addition, the complete media kit provides multiple features and services such as automatic photos resizing and conversions, playlists, individual descriptions and titles, mobile support and hosting reliable and fast distribution and a free hosting space, which means you may upload numerous files without using your server quota. Moreover, users will even get to decide upon the privacy terms of their rich media albums.

How It Works

1Create a free Cincopa account

Cincopa offers over 40 different slideshow templates. Choose a template, set the basic attributes and preview on another window. You may try as many templates as you want before making a final decision.

2Download the BuddyPress gallery plugin

Download the BuddyPress gallery plugin at the BuddyPress.org or through your WordPress plugin directory and activate it according to the brief installation guidance.

3Install Easy Albums Plugin

Install and activate Easy Albums plugin;you will be asked to enter your Cincopa email and API key after installing the plugin.

4Post and Share your galleries

Share the new BuddyPress video or BuddyPress photo gallery to the activity stream and post a comment, using the Easy Albums media publisher.

Why Use Cincopa's BuddyPress Gallery Plugin?

The most important reason to add the plugin is to enhance your users' engagement. Having the possibility to add BuddyPress photo gallery, for instance, turns their visit into a dynamic experience, which also results in an attractive appearance.

By using Cincopa's rich media solution, you ensure your users get the option to post and share BuddyPress video, music and photos in the most professional way. Cincopa uses dedicated servers, a reliable CDN system, advanced security measures and pseudo streaming techniques. Your site will enjoy a superb performance with no buffering issues or other technical problems that may frustrate your users.

The BuddyPress gallery plugin supports all portable devices; it is compatible with all popular browsers, audio and video formats and is SEO friendly.

Easy Albums plugin automatically adds an Album tab to each of your users' profile. The users can choose whether to post their content or just have it displayed on their private profile. They may also decide to authorize friends to browse and view their BuddyPress video, photos and music albums but block it to the rest of the community.

Cincopa provides you with multiple gallery templates, which come in different sizes, shapes and styles and include diverse features.

BuddyPress Gallery Main Feature:

  1. Easy management
  2. Mobile compatible
  3. Unlimited number of files
  4. Automatic resizing of photos, conversions and transcoding
  5. Progressive download - pseudo streaming
  6. Title and descriptions per item
  7. Widescreen option
  8. Supports other CMS and social channels
  9. Upload files from any of your devices and from any direct web URL
  10. Professional hosting and delivery services
  11. Reliable CDN
  12. Supports most video and audio formats
  13. Full scalability
  14. Full protection to the media files
  15. Analytics Tracking Enabled