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Wow your Visitors with a Stunning Cooliris Slideshow

A Cooliris slider has a higher value to your webpage than most other rich media presentations. A Cooliris slideshow is not just a pretty template that frames your images or videos; it has what is needed to grab your users' full attention. High quality images or interesting videos are always a blessed addition to a webpage since they enhance the page's appearance and facilitate the reading experience; however, a Cooliris image slider intrigues people and stimulates them to spend a substantial amount of time browsing through the dynamic 3D wall gallery.

A Cooliris slider is highly engaging; visitors like to try out the different viewing options and are impressed by the special effects and transitions. They tend to stay longer than average on pages that include a Cooliris image slideshow, spending precious time navigating through the magnificent, vivid display, which includes titles, and descriptions, thumbnail and enlarged photos, as well as other exciting features. A Cooliris image slideshow promotes discussions and comments on the page and encourages search engines to rank the page pretty high on search results.

Cincopa multimedia platform provides you with a fast, simple and free Cooliris image slider creator, which requires no special skills. A minor investment of time and page space allows you to enhance your content, your traffic and your users' experience.

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Cincopa Cooliris Slideshow Templates

You can easily customize the template using the advanced settings or with CSS edit.

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How to Create a 3D Slideshow Gallery

1Choose a Cooliris Slideshow Template

Cincopa offers a few Cooliris image slideshow templates and many different sliders with a Cooliris view option. Choose a template, set the template's options to suit your needs and preview on a separate window. You may try a few templates before you decide; however, you can go back and modify the template and settings anytime.

2Upload Media Files

Upload any number of files into Cincopa cloud drive and arrange them in your private folders. Cincopa's simple wizard automatically performs all conversions, photo resizing and other technical requirements.

3Embed Simple Code

Choose the method of your site; Cincopa application is compatible with any HTML page and all common CMS such as WordPress, Drupal, Blogger, Joomla, Ning and so forth. Copy the line of code, generated by the software, and paste it at the desired display location. Cincopa enables you to use the same Cooliris image slider in numerous social networks, via a click of a button.

Why Use Cincopa Cooliris Slider Creator?

Cincopa does not leave you with any loose ends. You get a complete solution for your Cooliris slideshow, which includes a lot more than just the stunning display. Cincopa provides you with an impressive template gallery and numerous customization options, but also with high-end security system, reliable CDN services, friendly wizard that makes the process fast and easy and basic hosting and delivery package, with upgrading options.

Cincopa's Cooliris slider is compatible with all mobiles and major browsers; it supports most video and all audio formats and allows a remote access to your galleries. The Cooliris image slider is guaranteed for high speed and smooth performance with no limitations as for the number of files you may upload. Do not let the sophisticated and complex display worry you; the software automatically performs all technical actions for you, so you need no coding skills or technical knowledge.

The files may be uploaded from your PC, portables, and almost any web URL including your Facebook and Instagram accounts. The whole process takes merely a few minutes, and any choice you make can always be modified at any given time!

Cooliris Slider Main Features

  1. Supports all mobiles
  2. Multiple teplates and customization options
  3. Multiple transitions and special effects
  4. Full scalability
  5. Compatible with HTML pages, all popular CMS and numerous social channels
  6. Supports all video and audio formats
  7. Compatible with all major browsers
  8. Remote access
  9. Content delivery network
  10. Automatic conversions and photo resizing
  11. Full protection - allow or block files download by users
  12. Automatic Backups
  13. Automatic traffic and storage reports
  14. Full documentation
  15. SEO friendly
  16. Free hosting and delivery packages