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Upgrade Your Site with Cincopa's Outstanding jQuery Podcast Player

If you have regular video or audio updates, which you would like to share with your site visitors, you should definitely add a jQuery podcast player to your webpages. It is one of the most efficient, though far from being banal, methods to engage your users. Visitors tend to comment more, share with friends and register for RSS feeds, when they are presented with interesting and colorful tutorials, music, radio shows etc.

Cincopa application grants you with a full media kit, consists of many free services, extensions and products, adequate for most individual and small businesses, as well as premium upgrades for sites with greater needs. Cincopa simple wizard enables you to focus on your site's content and appearance without being bothered about the technicalities surrounding the process, such as hosting, delivery, security and conversions. Cincopa's jQuery podcast has many customization options, and it is compatible with RSS feed subscription, any HTML webpage and all major CMS such as Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, Ning, Typepad, Joomla and more.


Check Out Cincopa's jQuery Podcast Templates and demos

Podcast Templates

  • Episodes Podcast

    Episodes Podcast

    Awesome podcast template with boxed design and pop-up audio player

You can easily customize the template using the advanced settings or with CSS edit.

  • Responsive
  • Desktop 1280x720
  • Tablet
  • Mobile

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Establish and Embed Your Own jQuery Podcast

The process of creating a jQuery podcast player and embedding it into your webpage is notably fast and simple and may be easily completed in merely a few minutes. It involves only 3 steps and may be performed by anyone since it does not require any special skills or knowledge.

1Choose a jQuery podcast template

Choose a template and customize your options. Check out more than one template for making the best decision. Preview the selected templates on a different window.

2Upload your audio and video files

Upload as many files as you want to files to Cincopa cloud-like drive, and organize your folders. Files may be uploaded from any device synchronized to your Cincopa account or from any URL on the internet. Conversions will be done automatically by the Cincopa application.

3Embed the simple code generated by Cincopa application

Select the method you would like to use (HTML, a type of CMS or an RSS feed). Copy the simple wizard's generated code, and insert it wherever you want it to be displayed. Make sure you have downloaded the required extension, plugin or module, before completing this stage. After installing the proper add-on, you may embed your new jQuery audio player and enjoy its many benefits.

Cincopa's jQuery podcast player lets you and your users enjoy a long lasting relationship with almost no effort of both sides. Visitors may subscribe to your podcasts and forget about manually searching for it again. You, on the other hand, need to upload new podcasts to your Cincopa files, and the show is online!

Cincopa's jQuery Podcast Features:

  1. Remote access - allows you to manage your files from any device.
  2. Customization options such as color, size and autostart.
  3. Different styles of menus and playlists.
  4. Add album art or your own images.
  5. Reliable, fast and secured hosting and delivery services.
  6. Complete support to mobile devices.
  7. Full backups.
  8. User download option.
  9. Simple wizard - easy and friendly to use.
  10. Complete scalability.
  11. Automatic conversions.
  12. Free hosting services.
  13. Premium upgrades in reasonable prices.