Full-screen Video Portal with Menu

If you have more than a couple of videos you would like to display on your site, the responsive full-screen video portal skin with a vertical menu will enable you to show them all with a style.
The video portal skin grants you with a simple and fast management system for handling the complex display and your users with efficient and friendly navigation and an excellent viewing experience from any device they use. The full-screen display has a modern, minimalist design, including only essential elements. It is composed of a large, impressive video player and a vertical strip of video thumbnails to its right. The framed main video player shows a centered Play button, title and description; Previous, Next and Pause buttons are located at the bottom of the vertical menu.
The full-screen video portal supports all popular video formats and may comprise any number of videos. Users can go through your playlist using the navigation arrows or browse it quickly simply by hovering over the menu and clicking the thumbnail of the video they would like to watch.
There are many other options for you to customize such as disabling default full-screen mode, setting thumbnails size, defining security terms and integrating a Google Analytics account. You can even use the video portal with vertical menu skin as a marketing agent; add a watermark logo to the videos, link the logo back to your site and embed the video portal player in multiple social channels.

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Video Portal with Vertical Menu – Main Features:

  1. Fully responsive
  2. 2 slider types
  3. Enable/Disable full-screen mode
  4. Unlimited videos
  5. Multiple upload and embedding options
  6. SEO friendly – add titles and descriptions to your videos
  7. Supports all major video formats
  8. Vertical menu with thumbnails
  9. Navigation arrows
  10. Auto-play
  11. Automatic conversions and photo resize
  12. CDN – high-end hosting and delivery technologies
  13. Advanced security system

Advanced Features:

  1. Edit main CSS files
  2. Add a title, description or both
  3. Mute video
  4. When full-screen mode is disabled: set gallery width, slideshow speed and auto-hide control bar
  5. Add logo and set its position (top-left or bottom-left)
  6. Add to the logo a 'click URL'
  7. Block/Allow users to download your videos in original or revised versions
  8. Domain Lock – list the domains authorized to display your videos
  9. Google Analytics integration
  10. iframe option

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You can easily customize the template using the advanced settings or with CSS edit.

  • Responsive
  • Desktop 1280x720
  • Tablet
  • Mobile