Create a Unique Tumblr Gallery for Your Blog

Tumblr blogging platform is a great way to share your work, hobbies, opinions and other topics you find fascinating. However, efficient and friendly as it may be, Tumblr provides you with very basic tools to upload and showcase rich media files. Cincopa has identified the need for an advanced solution that will allow tumblr members to display their tumblr media player or tumblr gallery in a stylish and elegant manner with a complete control over the widget's appearance, content and functionality.


Tumblr Music Player

If you are looking for a tumblr music player, you have come to the right place!

The various music players Cincopa offers may be used as a tumblr song player. There is a wide selection of tumblr music player templates with or without a playlist, which you may customize to suit your tumblr blog. The process of creating, embedding and, later on, managing the tumblr gallery is super easy and fast, and does not require any special skills. The friendly wizard guides you through and performs any conversion, photo resizing or transcoding, automatically. The audio player for tumblr supports all popular audio files, displays album covers, protects your files and provides you with generous free hosting and delivery services.

Among the tumblr music player templates, you will find responsive audio player layouts, which grant users with an outstanding audio and viewing experience, with no relevance to the screen size or device they use. Most tumblr song player templates include basic and advanced features such as autoplay, efficient and friendly control bar, changeable dimensions and many other customizable settings.

Tumblr Video Player

Tumblr media player is not limited to audio files. Cincopa provides you with an abundant of tumblr video player templates that will make your videos stand out. The 3 steps procedure is identical for any tumblr gallery and may be completed within a few minutes.

Just like with the tumblr music player, all required conversions are done automatically by the software, leaving you to make the artistic decisions. The tumblr media player supports all common video formats and can display any number of files you choose to showcase, with or without a playlist. The tumblr compatible video player templates include different designs, mobile friendly templates and lots of customization options.

Tumblr Photo Gallery

Cincopa tumblr gallery templates comprise many attractive slideshow and image galleries. There is a responsive image list, Pinterest style gallery, Cooliris view, Lightbox and advanced galleries that include background music, menus and other amazing features and layouts.

There is no need to compromise and use the default tumblr media player or photo display. All of the Cincopa's templates are compatible with tumblr platform and are free to use. On top of the multiple features and easy management, you also get a remote access to your tumblr gallery, an option to upload any number of files from any of your devices or web URLs and superb performance that will surely impress your viewers.

1Choose a tumblr media player or a tumblr gallery template

Set your options according to the template you have chosen (dimensions, Autoplay, playlist, album art, authorization options, Cooliris view, tooltips etc.). Try a few templates and preview on a separate window, before you continue.

2Upload images, videos or audio files

You may upload infinite number of files to Cincopa cloud-drive. You may upload the files from any device or web URL. Cincopa supports all popular video and audio formats and automatically resizes photos and performs conversions.

3Embed the tumblr generated code

When the simple wizard asks you to select a method, choose tumblr; Cincopa app generates a simple line of code you should embed, exactly, where you want your tumblr music player or gallery to be displayed.

Tumblr media player and tumblr gallery main features:

  • Multiple templates (fixed and responsive media templates, various layouts and designs)
  • Remote access to your tumblr gallery
  • Multiple customization options (control bar and playlist location, album art, size, shuffle, autoplay, colors etc.)
  • Upload files from a desktop, mobile devices or web URLs
  • Free hosting and delivery services
  • Add playlist or menu
  • All popular audio and video formats are supported
  • Compatible with all major browsers
  • Automatic reports and backups
  • Full protection
  • Automatic conversions, transcoding and photos resize
  • CDN
  • Upload any number of files
  • Pseudo streaming - no buffering or stuttering issues