Cincopa Weebly Plugins

Cincopa is a reliable multimedia platform that enables users with no programming skills to create amazing and diverse rich media presentations such as image slideshows and galleries, video players, audio players and podcasts. It offers many different templates, features and even free hosting and delivery services.

Weebly is a pretty new and popular online platform that enables users to create their own unique site via a very simple and fast process.


The Cincopa solution

Recently, Cincopa has developed unique Weebly plugins that allow users to enjoy the benefits of these two great platforms. Now, anybody can establish a stunning site with minimum expenses and no time wastage.

1Choose one of our awesome templates

2Upload your media to Cincopa

3Get a simple code and embed on your Weebly website

Cincopa is the most complete Video, Image, Audio/Podcast Hosting Platform


Why use Cincopa plugin for Weebly?

By using the new Cincopa Weebly plugins

  • You can create an advanced slideshow for Weebly instead of compromising for the basic standard ones.
  • You can choose your favorable design amongst multiple templates and sizes.
  • Add Cooliris view and special effects to your Weebly photo gallery.
  • You may create a Weebly audio player and a Weebly video player that include numerous files with different types of playlists attached.
  • You can even establish your own podcast shows.

You are no longer obligated to what Weebly has to offer since your rich media galleries are created, hosted, delivered and maintained at Cincopa. You can benefit from all the advantages provided by a designated multimedia platform and display the media in your site performing one simple action. Moreover, you may use the same presentation on many different sites, send it by mail or share it through multiple social channels, saving yourself the hassle of creating it from scratch for each and every site or application.

How to use the Cincopa Weebly Plugins?

Cincopa simple and friendly wizard guides you through the creation and editing procedures; it automatically converts video and audio formats, resizes photos and turns your files into mobile compatible displays. At the final step of the process, the wizard provides you with a simple line of code, which you need to copy & paste anywhere on your Weebly site.

For a step-by-step guide, please view Cincopa Helpdesk article: How to embed Cincopa Gallery in Weebly website.