Screen Recording for Sales

Create and share personalized videos with Cincopa’s easy to use RecTrace screen recording extension. Boost sales with strong video presentations and convert better.

Create your own personalized video For Free


Prepare Sales Pitch

SDR and Sales reps can easily craft hyper-personalized videos that can be sent to segmented groups of leads and prospects. Sales reps and account executives who deal with warmer, more mature leads can benefit tremendously by leaning on self-generated video. With a more personal, humanized sales approach, sales reps can feed leads with personalized video pitches. Leads can be later analyzed with insights on their engagement with your video content.

No Production Crew Required

There’s no need for hiring a production crew or worrying about video editing software. Without leaving their desk, sales reps can use their webcam, look right at their screen and start talking. The result will come off as far more authentic than many an expensively-produced video.

Utilize Video Library

Clicking on the Library tab will grant you immediate access to any and all videos you have in your Cincopa account. You will be able to send a link to a specific video, open the video in a new tab or delete it, if you choose to. This can prove incredibly important for sales reps who need to access videos quickly.

Multiplatform Integration for Sharing Videos

Cincopa was designed to help you untap your videos' true business potential. That’s why we not only play nice with other platforms and apps you rely on but also help you get way more out of them. With Cincopa’s integrations, you will be able to leverage the power of video to supercharge your content, revamp internal and external communications, and reimagine the way you go about customer service. Check out our list of integrations

Analyze and Sell Better

Analyzing your media content to create market worthy content can give you that edge over the competition. Videos that are watched more can be source to lead generation and those frequent viewers can be identified as hot leads ready to be explored. Data behind your content can guide you to take measured actions and avoid miss-targeting. Focus on regions and locales where the content is most watched and analyze the pattern better. Learn More


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