Use Free Advanced Video Platform for WordPress Websites

Video content is evidently highly engaging and influential and, therefore, has been gaining massive popularity for the last few years. Creating and managing high quality video display on your site does not have to be tiresome or money consuming procedure. All you need, other than stunning videos, is a complete and reliable video platform for WordPress that provides you with a video player that supports your media, a suitable plug-in and hosting and delivery services.

Complete Video Platform

Cincopa offers you all the products and services you need for creating and managing amazing video galleries for your WordPress site. A professional video platform dismisses you from most responsibilities and all technical requirements. Cincopa application supports all popular video formats and automatically performs any needed conversions. It provides secure, unlimited video hosting and reliable CDN that guarantee a superb user experience, many advanced features for premium accounts and attentive personal support.

Once you open a free Cincopa account you are introduced to a simple wizard that guides you through the brief process:

1Choosing and customizing a video player skin.

2Uploading the video files.

3Embedding the video player in your WordPress web-pages using a simple Copy-Paste action.

There is a wide selection of responsive, customizable video galleries with various features. Premium accounts may enjoy advanced skins with unique features such as video branding, active links, editable CSS files and many other advanced setting options.

Cincopa video platform allows you to promote your WordPress video gallery through numerous social channels, as well as, embedding it in multiple websites of your choice.

Cincopa Video Platform Benefits

Using a single video platform for WordPress that takes care of any aspect of your video display saves time, energy and money. Choosing Cincopa as your video platform with a few more advantages:

  1. All in one – no need to open and manage different accounts with various providers
  2. Advanced CDN - ensures excellent viewing experience
  3. No coding skills are required
  4. Easy and fast to create, manage and edit
  5. Does not use your server's quota – Cincopa hosts your media rather than your website's server
  6. Remote access to your galleries
  7. Highly customizable skins
  8. Professional support team
  9. 'Freemium' and premium – choose between free, basic plans or upgrade to improved pro-plans

Cincopa is the most complete Video, Image, Audio/Podcast Hosting Platform