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5 Tips to Increase User Engagement Using a Photo Gallery

Table of Content

A picture is worth a thousand words. Imagine then, what a picture gallery is worth to your website and business?

Not to go over the top or even to sound too cheesy, but your website needs to be superhero-like. It should have certain capabilities, functions, superpowers and even an alluring dark and handsome sex appeal – should that tickle your target audience’s fancy – there’s nothing wrong with a blonde.

Please note that I am not one who generally likes to ham it up, but there is a fine line between success and failure and that line needs to be firmly and resolutely crossed; you need to go above and beyond your existing norms to ensure future success, and if that means changing a formula or stepping out of your comfort zone, then so be it.


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Superpower 1 – Learn how to show off:

You need media content on your website, it is as simple as that. I love written language but patience is not a virtue most of us possess and simple text will lose the attention of your viewer in seconds.

By adding media content to your platform, whether in the shape of an image, photo or video, you immediately extend your site’s capacity to enthrall and attract customers – as opposed to losing them with endless bodies of text. Now, some people would regard it as a sin to show off, but what’s wrong in proudly showing the world your brilliantly exuberant services and wares?

You can describe your ideas or products in depth with magical and imaginative words but show a picture and your viewer immediately knows what you are talking about. Essentially, by adding visuals on top of your already present text, you immediately cut to the chase and vividly demonstrate what you wish to sell or promote.

Show off your ideas, services, and products cleanly, clearly, crisply and visually!

Showoff like a superhero

Superpower 2 – Make an image or picture impossible to forget with a Pinned Gallery:

I’ve always wanted the ability to read minds, fly, to be invisible, perhaps even make people think what I want them to think. With a pinned gallery you can pretty much do the latter. By utilizing a pinned gallery within your site, you can forever project and hammer home the message you wish to permeate in visual form. By pinning your choice selection of images, you can make this chosen content visible for an entire website session.

Most of your customers have a better visual memory and this provides you with an already inbuilt superpower. By utilizing this fact with the use of imagery, you can forcibly – but ethically – make sure whoever has seen your content is left with a lasting imprint.

Consciously and subconsciously implant your brand message and ideas on visiting users!

Superpower 3 – Learn how to fly, develop and evolve:

If your existing platform lacks certain modern-day prerequisites, like a photo and even video gallery, then it’s time to start the upgrading process to match your viewer’s needs.

The process of site evolution is a simple step by step process, but this will ultimately leave you and brand with the ability to fly; to and from the land of increased revenue and profit.

Advance and improve how you offer your goods and services; results with added and increased viewer interaction are proven to follow!

Superpower 4 – The domino effect ability:

By incorporating a photo gallery, you instantly gain an increased likelihood of your materials and content being shared. With text, quotes can be famously shared but when browsing an infinite amount of websites, rarely do we forward and share a solitary word or sentence unless controversial. With your images and photos, however, these can be shared and redirected to and through social networks, liked and commented on – instant added value and visibility is given to your site, brand, and business.

Brand association and brand recognition is also an integral part of any company’s marketing approach, and a photo gallery offers a window into a world that you have formulated and wish to project.

Use our modern day addiction and absorption when it comes to social media and the like, your brand message and the photo representations of these will positively spread from pillar to post!

Sharing video content like domino effect

Superpower 5 – Learn in seconds how to create a photo gallery and how to include it within your existing site:

Creating an HTML photo gallery and having this embedded into your existing website is simplicity itself. In 3 easy steps, the photo gallery application enables you to:

1. Select your photo gallery template

2. Upload your photos and images

3. Create a simple photo gallery code and to embed in your website

4. There is no number 4; you now have an active and attractive HTML photo gallery.

Having a modern day website demands visual matter and attention-grabbing features. I would politely suggest, that if you don’t already have this in place – you have no excuse to!


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Originally published on January 15th, 2018, updated on April 28th, 2019
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5 Tips to Increase User Engagement Using a Photo Gallery

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