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The title of this article and Zapier’s homepage lead sounds rather fanciful doesn’t it? What it actually means is the following:

Zapier is an app which allows you to connect different applications together. A zap in one app activates an action in another, meaning that you have a tool which effectively interlinks all of the apps and platforms that you currently use on a daily basis.

The purpose of this?

Zapier enables you to save time and focus on priorities. Smoother processes and workflow automation result in more efficient practices.

What is a zap?

Other than being your ticket to a new world of better time management, a zaps the trigger which passes information between your apps with workflows.

So, are we clear?

We should be, Zapier facilitates integrations with your web apps in a matter of clicks so data and actions can be shared. The actual info is passed between your apps with the chosen zaps and the results that follow are faster processes for you and your team.

Did I mention that no code is required?

Zapier eliminates the need for code which in simple terms means, this is a piece of cake to implement and not time-consuming.

Leo Tolstoy – “The two most powerful warriors are patience and time”:

The Russian literary giant Leo Tolstoy, stated that: “The two most powerful warriors are patience and time” and while a quote can be used in pretty much any context or for any purpose, it’s clear to me that time is an eternally important part of our lives, arguably the most important. Patience is a dwindling virtue in this the 21st century, but logically, if you created more time and made things run more smoothly, less patience would actually be required.

This is where Zapier comes to the rescue. By incorporating this application into your daily practices you are able to access, see and be notified of all incoming messages, move data around, trigger the processes and the like, and all from one platform. No longer do you have to click between platform and app, from Gmail to Slack and from Slack to a Google Sheet and then from a Google Doc elsewhere, Zapier incorporates them all collectively and permits you to use all of your existing tools more quickly and more obstacle free. Time is of the essence and Zapier saves you this unquantifiable and invaluable commodity.

Time is Money.
Saving money concept

Integrations and compatibility with more than 750 apps:

Zapier integrates with over 750 apps so your daily tools and platforms need not change. Google Sheets & Google Docs, Slack, Facebook and many more are catered and facilitated for, with an ever-increasing number of apps being made compatible.

Due to the applications ability to intermingle with your existing work tools and practices, essentially no change is required. You can go by with your day to day routine and continue to use those which are familiar to you.


The platform and added functionality including usage logs, media publishing workflows and video analytics events notifications analysis permits the facilitation of this application whilst offering added features and functionality; log Cincopa platform events so you can easily track your team’s usage of the platform. This is soon followed by direct Email, Slack and SMS notification, providing video analytics data such as video lead submission and lead tracking. (Tom Jones, Watched 20% of “Tom Jones’ Latest hits” video.)

Cincopa Integrations ZapierCincopa’s integration allows you to easily connect / merge the usage data of your Cincopa media platform to your various other platforms, such as: Gmail, Google docs, Slack and many more. Likewise, you have the capacity to automate the WordPress publishing of newly uploaded media.

The Cincopa platform can thus act as a facilitator for Zapier whilst providing you with extra benefits. Save time, streamline and automate your workflows and include additional features all under one umbrella, and in no way detracting or negatively altering your current day to day practices.

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Originally published on January 8th, 2018, updated on March 17th, 2019
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Zapier – Integrate, Automate & Innovate

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