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6 Best Recruiting Videos and Why They’re Great

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Recruiting videos goal is just as much as to make sure that prospects are a great fit for them as they are to the company. In a highly competitive market place with the rise of the startup culture, the tables have turned.

Today, companies need to promote their culture, values, vision, and work environment in order to attract great talent. Moreover, in a social media-driven era, no other medium is as effective than video.

Large companies like Google and Apple have always been able to make it look easy, considering the number of resources and the budget they have at their disposal. However, smaller companies (in comparison, at least) like Ocado have also proven to be very capable.


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using video.

Here are 6 recruiting videos that make a powerful impression on the viewer. Let us tell you why we think they are a massive success in their respective industries.

1. Fiverr

Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelancers, bringing a little difference in the space. Fiverr as a company touts themselves as a game changer, and their culture revolves around this concept. Their brand reward problem solving, teamwork and experimentation.

As you’d expect, employees have a lot of freedom, and management’s job is to guide them, rather than tell them what to do.

Their approach to recruitment dumps the traditional suit-and-tie CEO and replaces it with a more casual streetwear style. The video is humorous, sarcastic and completely self-aware. The style is quite distinctive and is definitely worth remembering.

2. Dropbox: One of Our Personal Favorite Recruiting Videos

Aside from their product, Dropbox is known among software enthusiasts as a company that prioritizes aesthetics and amazing office perks above all else.

DropBox is known for hiring the best talent, so it’s no surprise their recruitment video makes a strong statement. From natural transitions to focusing on quirky aspects of office life without making it feel manufactured, the whole thing is well executed and highly engaging.

Employees are offered three chef-prepared meals per day, a free gym and a karaoke room. In their recruiting videos, Dropbox makes sure to emphasize how joining their team would be a fulfilling experience, regardless of your position.

3. Yell

Yell is a UK based company that’s essentially an online address book, available right on your phone. Seeing that the internet basically got rid of the need for business directories in a physical form, Yell is one of the first companies to capitalize on the sudden vacuum.

Their recruiting videos focus on authenticity above anything else. The video took a somewhat untraditional format of what life inside the company is like. It features the Talent Acquisition Manager going around the office with a camera and asking employees what they like most about working at Yell.

This video is a perfect example of how you don’t need to have thousands of dollars worth of equipment or an elaborated script to get your video right. To be fair, the video wasn’t done with a phone. However, the goal is to deliver the content in improvised on the go concept. Close shots, non-professional vibe, and casual format truly draw the viewers in, as if we are right there ourselves. This particular format, more than anything, brings it to life.

4. HomeServe

HomeServe is a UK-based company that centers its businesses around emergency repairs around the home.

Their recruitment video follows the company’s engineers in their vans as they go around the city, showing them at work. This simple concept turned out to be a huge success by only integrating simple music and voice-overs by the engineers.

This video works because it focuses on the company’s core values, backed up by the employees. This approach is powerful because it appeals to potential candidates who immediately relate to what the company has to offer. The fact that they took the viewer on the field makes this recruiting video extra engaging – therefore, successful.

5. Spotify

Spotify is an audio streaming platform that provides music and podcasts from record labels and media companies. If you’re a music lover, you’ve likely already hooked to their massive music streaming, with a simply-designed user interface making easy to browse by artists, gender and albums. Here, they choose to focus on one single visual message: short and straight to the point.

Spotify’s 23-second long video has the potential of having more impact on people than a lot of three-minute videos. It doesn’t feature any music, but the strong color block design aesthetics are in line with what we would expect from Spotify.

The video concentrates on their inclusive brand values and highlighting one of the benefits of working at the company: flexibility. Spotify recruiting video highlights their open-mindedness of new ideas, new and old, regardless of where they are from. They’re known for having amazing offices all over the world but instead decided to focus on their flexible public holidays to appeal to a diverse group of people. Additionally, with the #LeadOnLeave hashtag, they make the video a lot easier to find and share on social media.

6. Ocado Technology

Ocado is the least mainstream company on this list, and its inclusion is a testament to the fact that you don’t need to be a multibillion-dollar corporation to pull off a great recruitment video. They are a robotics and technology firm that aims to modernize the retail business by supplying automated robots driven by AI.

The video starts out as a 3D animation of a city landscape, unexpectedly zooming out to reveal it all exists on a piece of paper. The video then proceeds based almost entirely on this paper.

They chose to highlight all the achievements the company has had to date and shows all the ways the company is unique. This includes developing and working with technology that powers some of the largest retailers in the US to have the ambitious vision of having it run in every retail shop in the country. A vision such as this appeals to a group of people who feel the need to work towards a certain goal, a sense of purpose.


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using video.

Originally published on March 31st, 2019, updated on April 22nd, 2019
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6 Best Recruiting Videos and Why They’re Great

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