The Ultimate Method To Create Unique Content

A blogger with a site generating low traffic may need to work on being more original in the approach. Doing so requires unique content. Doing what has already been done won’t get the desired result.

Being single and original doesn’t mean writing or creating a video about something no one else has done. It requires determination to approach the subject from a different angle that will hook readers and keep them reading.

Anyone looking to create exciting and unique content cannot pull it out of the air. Ask any reputable blogger, and they’ll say a lot of planning should be done ahead of time to create content that will attract attention.

High-quality content delivers great results and owing to this,  60% of marketers produce at least one piece of content each day. With such a great focus on content, you can’t miss working toward content pieces that stand out from your competitors.

Follow this process to create unique content:

  1. Keep the target audience in mind

Just like an influencer that you’ve hired through a referral program (see referral program examples for more info) must keep the target audience in mind when publishing written or video content, you must do the same when blogging Before even launching the enterprise, think about the nature of the audience. A target audience may be broad, or it may be narrow and specified.

Defining who needs to be reached by the content allows the creator to tailor-make the posts to reach those people. Inspiration can come from forums where members of the intended target audience interact and share their ideas. Needs and opinions in a forum can spark a great idea.

  1. Generate ideas

Taking the time to brainstorm concepts or ideas is the best way to start in the search for content. Think about ideas that others might not have considered. Using paper and pen to draw mind maps to let ideas flow is the right approach.

Many papers will be torn up and discarded in the process. Bear in mind that it may take some time and there will be a few misstarts. Very few people brainstorm once and go on to create high-quality content. Indeed original content has a possible SEO (search engine optimization) payoff.

  1. Be inspired by the little things

Everyday life can bring on new ideas perfect for an original post or video script. These ideas tend to come at the most inconvenient times. Sitting in a staff meeting, the perfect idea may dawn on the writer. Usually, it happens at some time when a writer can’t access their laptop or cell phone.

The best approach is to keep a journal. A small book can be carried anywhere. Writing ideas as they come is the best way to remember flashes of brilliance that come to mind. Whether making notes, drawing, or doodling, a journal is a great way to record ideas and inspirations.

  1. Do thorough research

There’s no point putting a lot of time and effort into a post to find out that someone has already done something similar. The work will no longer stand out among the competition.

Spend time online before writing making sure that the intended content is original and unique. For vloggers, check for videos online to make sure that intended content hasn’t been covered. Google the chosen topic and see what results are out there.

  1. Dig deeper into the competition

There are several factors to consider if the topic is already covered in other articles and posts before discarding the idea altogether. Check the date the article or post went online. If it’s a few years old, the writer has a chance at offering an updated perspective.

Look objectively at the quality of the content. A writer may feel that there is a chance at producing a better piece to outrank the existing one. Look at the format the content has been presented in. Also, when the competition gets fierce you have the option of grabbing a helping hand from an article writing service that has the right expertise in the domain of your interest.

  1. Determine relevant keywords

81% of online shoppers conduct research before finalizing a product. The role of keywords is therefore paramount in developing content that brings in traffic.

Original content has a possible SEO (search engine optimization) payoff. SEO is essential for searches for content covered in writing. Content that doesn’t stand out won’t stand a chance against giants such as WikiHow, Microsoft, Wikipedia, and HowStuffWorks. These are the types of pages that drown out the competition because their influence is enormous.

Running URLs through a tool like an SEO Quake analysis indicates the keywords present. Reorganizing or changing keywords can push a post further up on the search engine results.

  1. Decide on how to present the content

With a unique idea that has optimized keywords, the next decision should be made. Will the content be a written blog, infographic, or video content?  Choosing video content can be refreshing although it requires a lot more work.

In addition to the visual aspect, video content needs scriptwriting to make it an audio-visual experience to remember. Think carefully about the appropriate content delivery method. Some pieces are made to be written. Others are best conveyed on video.

  1. Get the audience hooked

93% of B2B marketers use content marketing as their main marketing tool. Naturally, anything that has so much importance will take the fancy of competitors as well. This again emphasizes the importance of producing not just quality content but 100% unique content.

The opening line of any post whether written or visual needs to capture the audience. Many readers will exit and move on if the first sentence doesn’t hold their attention. With so much information out there, a failure to hook an audience right away will result in a few likes and shares.

The onus on the writer is not only to create original content. There is also a need to make the opening of the writing intriguing for audience retention.

  1. Be specific in what is posted

Generalized content tends to score low with readers and viewers. They have searched for something, been promised answers, and given vague statements. What the heading promises is what the writer should produce.

Writers can go back later to such content and delve deeper into it by tackling specific aspects in future posts. For example, writing an overview of parenting skills may be followed by a series of articles on each parenting style providing the reader with more information.

  1. SEO images

A video post is crammed with images. A written piece should also include images. There should be a right balance of writing and images. Attractive photo galleries intrigue audiences and make them come back for more. Images are not placed in content for aesthetic purposes only. Images also influence SEO.

Image searches form a large part of users’ Google habits. Images from an article may lead the reader to your post. It makes sense to keep image SEO in mind when selecting images or photos to accompany a post. Using original photos or videos is the best alternative. Graphs and illustrations are also useful. A writer may choose instead to use stock photos. An essential tip is to be mindful of the rules for using such images.

The captioning of images with specific labels can improve SEO, as can the file name. Even the scale of the picture can influence SEO. A huge image affects the loading time. Lengthy loading time hurts SEO.

  1. Keep it Original

One of the most important things any writer should remember is to keep the words used as original as possible. Taking someone else’s work and rewording it is not original. There’s nothing wrong with being inspired by someone else. The difference is allowing the work to inspire better writing. Accusations of plagiarism can have negative consequences. Once people make such accusations in the comments or review section, getting rid of them is impossible.

Writing is not a one-off process. Most writers need several drafts to get to the final product. Most word choices and most ideas are tweaked at least once. Dashing something off and publishing it immediately is not the wisest course of action.

  1. Editing and proofreading

Once a written piece is complete, it needs editing. This is a process a content writer should regard as mandatory. There are several programs and apps online to use to edit writing. Examples are Grammarly and Hemingway. The tools check spelling, punctuation, and noun-verb concord. Furthermore, they check sentence complexity, usage of adverbs, and usage of the passive voice.

Don’t rely on programs and apps alone. After using them, ask someone else to check the work. A writer spends a lot of time on a piece. By the end of the process, mistakes stop jumping out. A second reader will see them at a glance. Writers who do not speak English as a home language should get written pieces checked by an English speaker. Many writers make use of online editing services.

  1. Check the facts

Writers should make sure that what is written is correct. Readers will find that one error and comment on it without mercy. Back writing up with proven facts and refer to sources. The sources of facts must be acknowledged to ensure credit is given where it’s due.

Surveys the writer undertakes should be valid and the number of subjects large enough to justify a conclusion. A writer should avoid stating definite conclusions based on research. Research might indicate a potential finding. Only after verification can there be conclusive evidence of something.

To Conclude

Any writer should remember that what is published in their name is forever out there and cannot be taken back. Putting out plagiarized work or factually incorrect statements is not worth rushing to get a piece written. Bloggers are advised to focus on the quality of written pieces rather than quantity. Producing a large quantity of poor-quality written pieces won’t do the writer any favors. Fewer posts of better quality that show originality and creativity will get more traffic on a site.

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Originally published on November 8th, 2018, updated on August 18th, 2022
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The Ultimate Method To Create Unique Content

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