Brand Your Content with Interactive Pre-Roll Video Ads

Branding online video can make a lot of sense both on your own website and beyond. According to video marketing stats, about 80% of users recall a video ad they viewed in the past 30 days. A strong association of your video content with your brand increases awareness about your business and incents people who have watched it to return to your website for more information. Interactive pre-roll and post-roll ads will look great with any custom type of video content attracting attention from as many viewers as possible to your brand. Wondering how you can do it with your video? Let’s take a look at the new advanced video player branding tool introduced by Cincopa.

Why use branded video ads

Pre-roll video ads and post-roll video ads is a powerful solution for visual content branding and cross-promotion. Video can tell a lot more than text in a small amount of time. For example, you can insert a 10-15 second-long pre-roll video advertising highlighting a few noteworthy facts about your company and presenting your business in a customer-friendly manner. An animated logo will look great as a post-roll ad to reinforce the entire video material. Once you have set up pre-roll and/or post-roll videos in a Cincopa video gallery, you can make sure that your brand is showcased to everyone viewing your content – no matter if your video is placed on your own website, on third-party websites or shared to a variety of social networks.

How pre-roll and post-roll video ads branding works

Pre-roll and post-roll video ads are usually short and catchy. A pre-roll ad starts playing immediately after a user clicks on the play button in the video player before the main video. A post-roll ad is shown after the video. During the ad playback, video player controls are hidden and users have to watch the entire ad before controls become active.

Brand your video content with Cincopa

Cincopa’s Player Brand feature allows you to interconnect branded video ads with different video assets in your playlists. It’s available in the video gallery editor on the left sidebar.


To enable a pre-roll or post-roll ad (or both of them) in a video gallery you need to paste the ID of a video asset to be displayed as an ad into the required field. Upload short videos which you want to use for branding via Assets page.

You may opt to choose the desired roll frequency – whether to display ads before/after each video in the playlist or before/after the first/last video.

With Cincopa, branding your video with interactive pre-roll and post-roll ads requires so little effort, adding much to your marketing toolset at the same time!

Originally published on January 24th, 2017, updated on April 30th, 2019
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Brand Your Content with Interactive Pre-Roll Video Ads

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