Cincopa Receives “Premium Usability” 2019 Award By Financesonline

Cincopa Lauded by Business Software Directory for Premium Usability, Ranks Among the Top Digital Asset Management Software!

Cincopa takes pride in being the go-to image and podcast hosting video platform for various purposes, may it be for marketers, online publishers, websites, sales, and internal communications, among others. We are deeply humbled to receive multiple awards over the past few years for our achievements, and we are thrilled to receive another prestigious honor: the Premium Usability award for 2019 from FinancesOnline.

FinancesOnline is one of the fastest growing review platforms for all kinds of B2B software solutions and to gain a good grasp of digital asset management software definition. Their panel of software experts recently used their expertise to analyze and compare Cincopa against other leading digital asset management software tools, and their findings have been highly favorable as we scored a 9.0 rating and a 100% user satisfaction rating.

For the FinancesOnline experts, Cincopa has outstanding usability for allowing all types of businesses to “take full control over their media assets and leverage the platform for a wide range of purposes.” Moreover, all our tools are available in our free and premium Cincopa pricing plans that allow you to maximize your media materials.

As part of its digital asset management software research in evaluating Cincopa for the Premium Usability award, FinancesOnline lauded the platform for helping businesses safely and securely store, manage, and access all their digital media assets. Furthermore, our product was also touted as an “ideal” online training and education platform due to our engaging set of tools for facilitating training sessions and interactive video-based online courses. As for marketing-related activities, FinancesOnline believes that it has all the essential tools a modern online marketer would need to get their message across to their audiences.  

Last but not least, Cincopa was distinguished as a 2019 Rising Star and ranked as one of the 50 top marketing software solutions in FinancesOnline.

If you’ve had a pleasant time with Cincopa, be sure to publish your own user review on FinancesOnline. We would be happy to know how our video platform has helped you with your business operations.

Originally published on May 22nd, 2019
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Cincopa Receives “Premium Usability” 2019 Award By Financesonline

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