The Do’s and Don’ts of Homepage Videos

Remember when you implemented your first marketing strategy for your brand?

Of course, you do. It’s an experience many marketers and entrepreneurs never forget. Chances are, it didn’t as well as you expected, but you learned a lot from it. It’s all part of the A/B testing process. Learning what works. Learning what doesn’t. And eventually finding the optimal way to speak to your target audience.

homepage should make a great first impression

With good copy and enticing website design, you’ve upped your visitor count and your CTR went through the roof. Afterward came the videos.

If you’re like most ambitious marketers, you want to astound and amaze with your homepage videos but are unable to. Why exactly?

The answer lies in the always-tricky relationship between homepages and videos placed on that page. What can you do to make your homepage videos exceptional and create a memorable user experience?

A lot, actually. Don’t worry – it’s easier than you think and we’re here to help. Peep the sections below and you’ll know how to maximize the effectiveness of your videos.

Do: Introduce yourself properly through homepage videos

In the world of marketing, the first impression is your last impression. What do we mean by this?

“The homepage is your first contact with potential clients. It is the access point where you can gauge their interest and urge them to find out more. What’s the best way to accomplish this? That’s right – through interactive video content.”


Tranform your homepage into an interactive experience with video

If you want to turn visitors into customers, you need to introduce yourself. A proper introduction establishes an opinion about your entire brand. The more transparent your video is, the easier it is to start valuable business relationships.

What should an introductory video consist of?

  •   Defining existing problems. Every company has a purpose and that purpose is usually providing products or services that make life easier. Highlight the problems you’re solving.
  •   Providing solutions. Okay, they know about the problem. Now it’s time to provide value and explain how you fit in.
  •   Specific goals. A brand with monumental goals explained in a video is more likely to impress potential customers.

Make the video short and effective and don’t aim to reveal everything at once.

Here you see the homepage slip into an explainer video about what the product is about and how to use it. And on the left side attention-grabbing copy, highlighting the addressing the pain points and how this product will provide the perfect solution.

Don’t: Go into every detail

Does your homepage have a high exit rate?

If the answer is yes, you might want to cut down on the information the video provides.

We know it’s a hectic industry and no one blames you for wanting to provide a lot in a short time. While your intentions may be noble, the effects can be calamitous.

If you want to explain specific products, services or implement tutorials, use other sections for that. The goal of homepage videos is to create positive impulsive emotions. To accomplish that, you need to make the video no longer than 1:45.


Do: Make it the centerpiece

There is nothing worse than making an amazing video and it not causing any attention. If that’s happening to you, it’s time to stop slacking.

Introducing one of your latest product on your homepage can grab your visitors attention, and urge them to want to learn more about what you have to offer. Apple does a great job introducing their newest release:

You can’t just add a video at a random spot on the homepage and expect people frantically look for it. On the contrary – you have to let the video find the customers.

To do so, scale down on excess design aspects and make the video visible the moment someone clicks on the page. If it’s unavoidable, there is no way you won’t accomplish your goals.

Don’t: Be too general

Customers use search engines to find something akin to their needs. This is what we call “browsing with a purpose.”

By implementing specific long-tail keywords, you’re making this search easier for both you and the customer. When they find you, users expect a clear answer to their question. If your homepage videos don’t provide that, you will have a hard time achieving your goals.

How can you fix that?

The answer is in the keywords. Analyze the most common queries related to your keywords. What do people want to know? Write down the words, along with questions and corresponding answers.

If you give clear answers and tangible solutions, you will attract customers through word of mouth, too.

Do: Be different and follow trends

Homepage videos are all about building your image. If you’re using the same old animation techniques as your competitors, who will remember you?

No one, exactly. To be successful, you first have to bring up something that is memorable and build your name from the ground up. New is memorable. Different is memorable. Here is a great example of something innovative, eye-catching and highly interactive:

Always educate yourself about new animation trends and techniques to further your message. Don’t be afraid to combine different methods. It’s all about finding the right way to send your brand message.

Don’t: Focus just on homepage videos

Imagine seeing a homepage with no information, just a single video. No matter how impressive it is, you still have a lot of questions. Who are they? How can I find more? What does this mean?

All of these inquiries are more than valid and you must provide answers to your customers. Avoid dropping copy from your home page.

There’s no need to focus on one type of medium. Videos work best when combined with an additional explanatory copy. By doing so, both types of content will “feed” upon one another and increase customer engagement.


Do: Start with a testimonial

No matter how big your marketing budget it is, you’re still a stranger to most of your future customers. They expect you to talk positively about your products. Because of this, there is nothing much you can do to affect this state of mind. Or is it?

Customers love hearing recommendations from real people. That’s where your most loyal customers come to help.

Offer them compensation to appear in your testimonial videos. A voice of a real person can never be underestimated.

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Originally published on May 21st, 2019, updated on September 22nd, 2020
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The Do’s and Don’ts of Homepage Videos

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