Cincopa vs Vimeo vs Youtube

Which Video Hosting Platform Is Better for Business?

YouTube and Vimeo are popular video hosting platforms designed to meet the needs of a broad audience, although there are some distinctions between them. Initially, Vimeo used to be targeted to the artistic and film community. As such, it looks less “pedestrian” and supports some more customization features than YouTube has to offer. Yet, the main advantage of YouTube over Vimeo is its huge video database making it de-facto the world’s second largest search engine. The number of monthly active users on a video platform also matters when your primary goal is to reach as many people as possible: YouTube has over 1 billion MAUs, while Vimeo hits 130 million MAUs.

On the other hand, there is a range of dedicated business video hosting platforms, such as Cincopa, which are better optimized for embedding video to websites and landing pages, using video in email marketing campaigns and sharing it across the variety of social media networks. Today, more and more businesses and marketing specialists start giving preference to video platforms like Cincopa due to advanced marketing features and complete customization capabilities, which are not provided by YouTube or Vimeo. In this matter, there are several key reasons why you may opt to find a decent YouTube alternative and Vimeo alternative for your website and video marketing needs. Let’s compare YouTube and Vimeo vs Cincopa and look at its advantages in more detail.


Comparison of Features:

Cincopa vs.YouTube vs. Vimeo

Video Hosting
Embedded Video Player
Domain Lock Security X
Ad-Free X
Advanced Analytics X X
Customizable Video Player X X
Hundreds of Templates X X
Podcast/Music/Picture Hosting X X
Video Annotations, Labels and Notes X
Video Timeline & Chaptering X
Video Campaigns X X
Marketing Automation Integration X X



The Need for Analytics

Firstly, Vimeo’s and YouTube’s video analytics are limited. Though you do get access to some information such as views, favorites, and region tracking, there is a clear lack of the more detailed statistics that are just as important. On the other hand, Cincopa offers much more than Vimeo and YouTube when it comes to detailed statistics about your viewers. With Cincopa, you can access information about each individual viewer, ranging from email addresses, to domains, to lifetime engagement. This information is critical – it allows you to conduct analytical studies to optimize the video message. Also track individual viewers and use this information for lead scoring (rank sales prospects using marketing automation tools such as Marketo and Hubspot). More information about advanced features offered by Cincopa Video Analytics solution is available here:

Alternate Forms of Media & Customization

Here at Cincopa, we offer complete customization of the look and operation of our media players…something else you can’t afford with YouTube and Vimeo. Although Vimeo Pro does offer somewhat limited customization options for their video players, it does not give users the full customization customizability that Cincopa does. What’s more, YouTube and Vimeo allow to publish only one media type – video. If your business is in need of hosting more media formats, you should to look again towards Cincopa as a YouTube and Vimeo alternative. Cincopa is a complete multimedia hosting solution that supports videos, audios, music, podcasts, images and slideshows.

More Than Just a Simple Online Video Player

While Vimeo and YouTube video players are only good for publishing single videos, Cincopa provides a range of rich media templates for basically all business needs: video playlist templates, video portal templates, grid templates for images and videos, image & video slider templates, background video player and HTML slideshow templates, Facebook style templates and many more. Cincopa’s online video player is fully customizable – you can modify colors, change controls and arrows style, add call-to-action buttons, lead generator HTML forms, etc. Besides, Cincopa provides built-in SEO fields which are extra helpful to gain more organic search traffic from your multimedia content.

All these features let users easily personalize their media player for website making it work flawlessly for business goals fulfillment and engaging their audience at the highest level. Providing such a personalized touch to your audience not only grabs their attention, but it also gives them a feeling of refreshment, as most of the media players they are familiar with look very similar to each other, and do not stand out in any way.

If you are a business seeking to take your video marketing to the next level, start your free trial with Cincopa today and discover the power of dedicated business video hosting.


Cincopa vs Vimeo vs Youtube

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