How To Increase Sales Using Video

For many generations, cold calling was the best cold sales method.   For the past 40 years, however, other more effective practices have emerged. Now, relying on cold calling as a sales method is too limiting.

Additionally, the Harvard Business Review determined that 90 percent of the time, cold calling is ineffective. Moreover, to make five sales from cold calling, one salesperson would have to make more than a thousand calls!

Let’s not forget that the buyer’s journey starts before they get your sales call. Therefore, the best way to get to them is through sales videos. And while many companies have preconceived notions that videos are expensive, that cannot be further from the truth.

Creating sales videos for your business is relative to your needs. This means your sales target will determine the cost of making your videos. Nevertheless, you still need to know how you can increase your sales using videos.

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Here are some expert best practices that will see you exceeding that quota in no time:

Know exactly what you want to say- and get to it, quickly

Sales are intrusive, and usually, the most aggressive sales reps are the most successful.

But as a sales pro, you also understand that to get conversions from your marketing qualified lead, your first minute of interaction is vital. If you fail to relay an impactful message straight away, you are likely to lose a sales qualified lead.

Apply the same strategy to your sales video.

Identify your buyer personas and get to know your audience. Attention is a resource, which means your message should capture it as soon as the sales video starts.
Finally, take some time to determine the exact message you want to tell your leads.

Then, create your video.

Remember, to be heard, you need to start with the best part of your video. If you have different buyer personas, you can consider creating segmented videos for each.

Videos are also useful for SEO. Therefore, invest in Google Ads. When a person searches a word that pertains to your business, your videos will be accessed faster.

Take it a step further by using personalized videos

When Lenovo sent personalized videos to their customers’ emails for a holiday campaign, their click-through rates quadrupled. This is the power of personalized videos and market automation.

Marketing automation software is now a vital aspect of marketing strategies. This is because marketing automation platforms are making the process of sending personalized emails to customers straightforward.

Besides, fifty-eight percent of consumers state that the personalization experience is vital to purchasing a product. Through your marketing automation system, you can start automatically sending personalized videos to your leads. This is how you break through to your B2B audience.

As you send them videos, you want them to feel that each one was made specifically for them. Apart from getting more engagement, click-through rates, and building better customer relationships, personalized videos will also improve your leads nurturing.

And with Shazoom, you can get these benefits for free. This personalized video messaging tool will help you humanize your sales process and accelerate your marketing processes. Hence, your lead generation will skyrocket from a marketing qualified leads (MQL) to a sales qualified lead (SQL).

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Approach video strategically by using a video hosting platform

In marketing and sales, everything is about strategy. The best contact information will not turn into an SQL unless you go beyond tact. Besides, the act of cultivating and nurturing individual leads is the backbone for B2B sales.

As mentioned above, knowing your audience is an essential factor to consider when creating your personalized videos. Once you have your video ready, you need to understand how each of your leads is interacting with your video.

Do this by tracking the number of video minutes that each lead consumes. Additionally, you want to keep increasing the number of minutes for each of your videos.

Think of it this way: Why would a business person willingly spend ten minutes watching your video unless he or she is interested in buying your product or service? Lead engagement with your videos is one of your units of measurement for potential purchasers.

And the only way you can keep track of this engagement is through the use of a video hosting platform like Cincopa. If you have a Cincopa account, you can take advantage of the video analytics tool to help you understand how your audience interacts with your video content.

With Cincopa video analytics, you will have a dashboard that clearly shows your video viewership analytics in the form of a graph. Therefore, you will see what videos resonate more with your leads.The live feed will give you a list of all the viewers that watch your videos. You can also get their information, including their location and email address.

By getting this information, you can convert more MQL into SQL by creating content that resonates more with your audience. You can also incorporate automation platforms to send personalized videos or emails to the leads you identify from the live feed section.

Video hosting platforms like Cincopa will also allow you to add a call to action (CTA) and/or a form to your video. CTAs are the key to success for marketing campaigns, especially for small businesses. This is because they increase conversions, which leads to business revenue and profit.


Incorporate video into your marketing automation platform

The beauty of marketing automation platforms is that they streamline your sales process. Additionally, it improves the probability of attaining the MQL and SQL conversion.

Therefore, once you have them hosted on Cincopa, incorporate your videos in your marketing automation platform. You can use platforms such as HubSpot, MailChimp, and ConstantContact to keep track of your lead qualification.

The advantage of using Cincopa is that it integrates perfectly with each of these platforms. These integrations are suitable for your marketing campaigns because they ensure the conversion of potential leads to customers.

Take the HubSpot workflows and lead-scoring, for example. With them, it becomes possible to scale your lead identification process. As a result, determining the most qualified leads becomes a seamless process.

Once a lead has passed a specific score, it triggers the marketing automation system to conduct a series of preset actions. While this increases the conversion rates from MQL to SQL, it also builds the HubSpot CRM.

Originally published on April 11th, 2019, updated on April 1st, 2020
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How To Increase Sales Using Video

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