Introducing Cincopa Video Portals

Cincopa Video portals: Your own secure YouTube channel.
With Cincopa Video Portals, you can easily secure, customize, organize and showcase your videos in a single, fully-hosted digital space.
You can share the portal with whomever you choose through a brandable link.
With viewer log-in and single-sign-on integration, Portals will allow you to make sure that only those who should be able to watch your videos, will.


Your company works hard to come up with videos.

But publishing them is only one step en route to achieving the goal your videos were produced for.

If you can’t control how and who’s watching them, there is no guarantee they will ever deliver the goods.d

This is why Cincopa is excited to announce our newest solution:
Cincopa Video Portals.


Your Very Own Branded Channel

With Portals you can set up your own corporate YouTube page.
Don’t worry; there’s no need  for any third-party-site or development.
The process is incredibly easy and pain-free (see the video above for a step-by-step to get started).

Portals allows you to easily showcase your video collection in one space.  The best part is that your viewers’ experience won’t beinterrupted by unwanted ads, cat videos or unsupervised recommended content.
Just as importantly, your audience will never be redirected away from your website.

Customize and manage your content

Cincopa Video Portals allows you to take complete control over your users’ viewing experience.
You can set up your portal to appear consistent with your brand.
Choose your
preferred portal URL, your theme color, add your company logo and more.
Additionally, you can add custom HTML, CSS, and Javascript code if desired to enhance it even further.

Secure your channel

Here’s how Portals is a true game-changer.
With Portals, you are given complete control over how and who can gain access to your videos.
With Single-Sign-On (Saml 2.0), G-suite and Email-Password Login, Cincopa Video Portals enable you to see to it that only those who should be watching your videos, will.

In additional advantage of a secure video portal is the ability to track and analyze individual viewers behavior and video completion. This data is available on Cincopa’s powerful Analytics, which you can export as  spreadsheet reports, or access via API.


Organize your portal

With Cincopa Video Portals, you can easily organize your video page by categories.
Add the description of your video, in addition to tags in your assets management.
This will see your viewers staying engaged, while watching other related videos, without interruption.


Need further insights into who’s watching?

In addition to automatically pushing viewing data to your Cincopa Analytics, your Video Portals can also be integrated with 3rd party platforms,  including Google Analytics or various marketing automation platforms. This is made possible by simply pasting your code snippet or by using our APIs and professional services.

Portals Suggested Use-Cases

  • Video marketing & demand generation hub
  • Self-learning secure “Corporate YouTube”
  • Customer “How-to” educational channel
  • Secure employee training & onboarding (Login or SSO Integration)
  • Sales enablement video channel
  • Employee-generated video channel (In conjunction with Cincopa’s UGC component)
  • Premium content monetization channel (in conjunction with a paywall integration)


Want to learn more about Cincopa Video Portals?

Are team is here to provide demos and answer questions regarding pricing

Originally published on April 8th, 2019, updated on October 10th, 2019
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Introducing Cincopa Video Portals

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